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Zala Hair Jet Black 20“ 120g

Ordering and delivery of Zala hair extensions

Zala hair extensions are shipped out from Australia, so I didn’t expect them to get here as fast as they did. It only took about a week to arrive.

The quality of Zala hair extensions

I did do my research before buying these Zala hair extensions, and a lot of people were saying good things about them. This is why I chose to go with Zala, and I’m not disappointed. I love how smooth they are, and have a fluffy soft texture to them. It’s real human hair and they feel incredible!

I was asked also to put them on and brush them for this review, and i only got a small handful of hair out of the brush. They do shed, but not very much.

The colour match of Zala hair extensions

I’m not naturally this dark, my natural tone is about chestnut brown. I’ve dyed my hair now for about 2 years, it’s either dark brown or jet black constantly. I was a bit scared of getting these extensions, because with hair extension tones you can assure that they are the tones that the photos show, but the problem is my own hair which sometimes tend to look a bit blueish in certain lights.

Once I got the extensions on, they matched surprisingly well. The tones were exactly the same, I couldn’t see the clips showing from any angle, not even from behind when i checked it with a second mirror.

The length of Zala hair extensions

They’e 20 in which is quite a lot when your own hair are 14 in long. There was no question about blending, my own hair just disappeared into the extensions. It was so easy!

The thickness of Zala hair extensions

I have very thin hair, I go the 120g set because I was too scared to put more weight on my hair and cause any pulling out or breakage. Normally a set of 10 wefts would be 125g but for 5 wefts to be 120g and still make my hair look healthy and not pull too much is incredible.

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