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Zala hair extensions Dirty Blonde 100g, 18″

To give you a bit of a back story, these were my first Zala hair extensions that I ever bought. Delivery time wise it took a bit over 2 weeks to arrive to the US, which is very good if you take in consideration that they were shipped from Australia. So let’s get started!

The quality

They feel extremely soft, which gives away that they’re good quality human remy hair. I played with these for a while, because they feel healthy and amazing. They’re dye-safe due to being human hair, and didn’t seem to matte nor tangle after the first wash that I gave them.

The color

So I got the #12, which is dirty blonde/light brown. My own hair are grown out over a year after bleaching them to beyond death, and the closest color they would be is probably tone #12. Zala does offer a good color comparison, but to tell you the truth I really did go for a leap of fate. The good news is that I wasn’t off! The color is exactly the same as my own so there’s no need to dye them or return them. I’m extremely pleased about this.

The thickness

As a lot of the extensions come in 70-90 grams, these beauties were 100 grams. They’re double drawn and triple wefted, as Zala has advertised out. To put it simply, they’re thick from the clips to the ends of the hair. I’ve had a few hair extension sets that have thinned out the more it gets to the end of the hair, but Zala hair extensions are nothing like that.

The length

These hair extensions are 16 inches long, which is basically the same as my own hair. There’s 5 wefts in the whole package and I do have to say that it covers my hair exactly as it needs to. They do have longer hair extension sets, but I felt like 16 inches is the right amount for me, as it doesn’t really become On a side note I did give them the usual finger combing test to see If they shed any hair at all, and only a few strands came out. It made me feel a little disappointed, because in a long run this might actually ruin the extensions if it keeps shedding.

The styling

The style that looks best with these would be straight hair. Curls and waves look gorgeous too, but since my own hair are about 16 inches long as well, the extensions give them more volume, rather than length. So therefore I prefer straight hair.


I like them. They’re not too expensive nor is the shipping, and in reality you do get quality extensions that you can wear with pride. So I hereby give my approval to these hair extensions!

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