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10 tips about hair masks

1. Using hair masks should be limited to once a week only

Depending on the weather and the current season, your healthy locks might become weak and frizzy. A good, deep moisturising mask on them once a week should take care of the damage that has been created.
Hair masks can be quite heavy on hair, therefore daily use could be the opposite of the outcome that you’re expecting.

2. You have to read what the products have written on them

As expected, not all of them are the same. Some require heat applied while you have them on, some need to be used 3-4 times a week, instead of once. Also, some masks can be held on for a minute, while others can climb up to 15 minutes of appliance. It’s up to you to find the correct product that works the best.

3. Using your hair mask doesn’t need to take all day

It’s true that some hairstylists suggest that you leave your hair mask on for a longer time that the mask itself says, but it’s all about personal choice. If you want to do it quick – no problem. I’m guilty of leaving my 4 minute mask on only for 2 minutes!

4. You can sleep with your mask on

For this you’d need a shower cap, so you wouldn’t ruin your bedding. Leave your mask in overnight and be sure to shower them thoroughly in the morning. The outcome is the silkiest, softest, smoothest hair you’ve ever seen.

5. Applying hair mask onto dry hair

This might take more time than you normally would spend on doing your hair mask, but it’s worth it. Apply your mask onto the dry hair and let is sit there for about 20 minutes, then rinse.

6. Grease

If your hair are greasy after the treatment, then you’re using the wrong mask – one that’s too heavy for your hair. Either that, or you’re using too much of the solution. We’d recommend you to reconsider the amount that you apply onto your hair, and a mask that is specificly for your hair type (straight, thin, curly, frizzy etc).

7. Shampooing and conditioning: 

To get your hair in top condition, you have to wash your hair with a shampoo and  use a conditioner after you use a hair mask on them. It removes any extra residue and leaves your hair looking perfect.

8. Home-made recipes work, too:

Yoghurt, honey, eggs, olive oil.. You can make a home-hair-mask out of it easily. The whole goal of hair masks is to moisturise your hair. As long as you don’t use chewing gum, everything will be fine!

9. A wide tooth comb is your friend

Using a wide tooth comb to gently go trough your hair is not a bad thing to do. Either a comb or your fingers – it makes sure that the mask reaches everywhere.

10. The ends of the hair need most of your attention

Naturally, the ends of your hair are the focus are. Try to avoid roots, as it tends to leave a greasy look, but the middle of your hair and the ends should get the most intensive part of the care.

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