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7 things to think about before you get a pixie cut

A pixie cut is where your hair will be cut very short, yet elegant. It’s a big step to take when you haven’t had this done before, and it’s only good that you read some tips about what to prepare for and what to expect when you have your hair cut into a pixie cut. Let’s start!

Longer pixie haircuts

When you’re nervous about getting a short pixie cut, what’s better than cutting your hair into a bob at first? It’s going to get you used to having shorter hair, not to mention show you if you like the look or not. It’s all about testing what’s right for you and if YOU enjoy it. If you decide that you don’t like the short look, then you save yourself about 5 inches worth of hair-growing.

Choosing a hair styler

It’s important for you to choose a hairstylist who specializes in pixie cuts – they can choose a pixie cut that compliments your facial features. A professional hairstylist can answer that question for you and maybe calm you down a bit if you’re doing this for the first time. It will feel scary to do it, but once it’s done you’ll feel like you’ve shed the thick, damaged coat off your head.

Getting your first pixie cut

When you go to the hairstylist with an idea of a haircut, it might not come out as planned. Especially when you’ve got a photo of a celebrity or a hairstyle that you’d want. On my case, I forgot I wasn’t Anne Hathaway and had to let my hair grow out for a month after the visit to the hairstylist, before I could style them as I wanted.

Trimming hair

This might seem odd, but it’s true. When short hair starts to grow out, they tend to play a few tricks on you. It only takes a month to go from looking foxy, to looking like someone who just survived a hurricane. This happens because you cut your hair short, and shed off the damaged bits. Your hair sees it as a spring on your scalp, and grows out faster than ever before.  This is where it becomes a personal choice what you wish to do with it: let it grow, or trim it?

It’s going to be hard at first

When you’ve had longer hair and have them cut short, it feels quite devastating to see yourself in the mirror. At one point you’re happy about how you’ve turned the tables and did a favor to your hair, but on another side you’ll miss your before-hair. On the positive note, it’s going to take you about 5 minutes to get ready and style your hair, just make sure to blow dry them in the direction that you want ( you don’t want to look like Pauly D – please don’t look this name up, it’s quite scary).

Caring for your hair will be quick

Short hair dries very quickly, so when you go overboard with the gel or wax – wash it out and 10 minutes later your hair is dry! Keep that in mind the next time you’ll wake in the morning and remember that washing and drying your hair takes less than before.

Negative comments

As sad as it sounds, there’s people out there that are natural born jerks. When that happens let it pass you by. Imagine high fashion – not catalog models – what do women do to their hair to look extravagant? To look elegant, sophisticated and someone who really catches your eye, making you think “wow, that really looks nice”? It’s a bold move, to shed your locks and show that your hair wasn’t what made you.

I personally salute to both boys and girls who dare to show themselves, styling their hair in a way that catches attention – both positive and negative. People who do this make this world a beautiful place.
There it is, 7 things to think about before you get a pixie cut.


It’s a big step to have your hair styled into a pixie cut, but once you get used to the look – you’ll look gorgeous. Good luck!

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