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13 Mistakes that you make with your hair

If you’ve ever dyed, styled or cut your hair, there has probably been a few slip ups that you’re not aware of. Or then it could be something you know is bad for your hair, but you still go ahead and do it. We’ve rounded up the most common mistakes that you make with your hair, that probably all of us are guilty of –  whether with our own hair, or then the hair extensions that we own.

Using the wrong shampoo for your hair extensions

There’s nothing better to kill off the shine and style of your hair extensions than picking your partner’s shampoo and expecting it to look fabulous afterwards. Hair extensions need an incredible amount of care, love and effort to be put into them, so you could maintain them for months.

Too drastic shade change

Planning to go from a very dark color to very light color.. It’s not going to be anywhere near easy. The worst thing you could do is use bleach to achieve the desired result, but the worst thing about bleach is that you can over-do this so easily. When you really fry your hair, they’ll start falling out, breaking and when they’re wet it will feel like you’re holding wet noodles in your hand.

Over-styling your hair after bleaching

Bleaching fries hair, the next worst possible thing you could do to your hair is flat iron them, curl them and blow dry them all the time. You’ll have so many unnecessary split ends and it will look like a disaster.

You decide to save finances when purchasing hair products

Cheap is not the best option to go with when it concerns your looks. When you’re buying a hair dye, hairspray, hair wax or any other treatment products it’s important to not go with the cheapest option. More expensive products contain less harmful chemicals, and have been made to damage your hair less. You really do get what you pay for!

Cutting your hair short right after dyeing

It might seem like an awesome idea at first, and about 1-2 days afterwards reality hits you – this will take years to grow out.

Too harsh styling products

It’s possible that the hairspray you’re using is putting too much of a burden on your hair. The best way to go is to do a little research on products that have been reviewed by other people, and pick something out of that list that fits your price range. That way you can rest assured that your hair are receiving the best care.

Silver shampoo disasters

When you’ve bleached your hair, to remove the yellowness you’d have to use a silver shampoo. But of course, there are things that can go wrong with it. Keeping the silver shampoo on turns your hair a beautiful shade of purple! To avoid this, check the duration limit on the bottle, that tells you how long can you keep the shampoo in your hair.

Not using heat protection before styling

Please don’t do this. Love your hair, use a heat protector. Just a tiny amount makes an incredible change frizziness wise. Heat damage is nothing to be joked with, your hair will get so messy and poofy that it will break your heart.

Planning to get a hairstyle you saw on Pinterest

We’ve all been at this position, seeing a photo of a beautiful hairstyle and when you actually get the hairstyle, you end up hating it because it doesn’t look as elegant on you as it did on the internet.

Weather damage

During the winter it’s cold, during the fall it’s wet.. Wind, rain, cold and heat can and will damage your hair. There’s shampoos and masks out there to help you out with this, so don’t even start to worry!

Washing hair daily

Too frequent washing will mess with your scalp. Instead of looking fresh and clean, your hair looks greasy every day because washing your hair too much makes your scalp over-process sebum. Of course the natural oils are healthy, but it will turn your hair dry if you wash it too often. To fix this, you should hold out 2-3 days without washing. Tie your hair up to hide the greasiness, and repeat the 2-3 days procedure a few times. It returns the sebum production to normal and your hair will look clean for longer. It’s completely normal to wash your hair only twice a week!

Shaving half of your hair by impulse

Mohawks and deathhawks do look really nice as a hairstyle, but boy oh boy how long will it grow back. Also, there will be moments where your hair will be in a very awkward length and whatever you will do won’t make it look any better. Please be 100% sure about your decision this before actually doing this.

Pursuing the first Ombré hair you see on the internet

Blue, black, purple, red and green Ombrés.. Be very sure that this is what you want and how you want to pursue it. If you got dark hair and decide to bleach your hair, do a good amount of research beforehand. You don’t want your hair texture to turn into a noodle.


So there you go – 13 mistakes that you make with your hair! With love, Hair-Bun.

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