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Home made hair conditioners

Ever ran out of conditioner all of a sudden, and then wondered if there’s anything in your household to just temporarily replace a conditioner until you get a new one? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here we’ll be looking trough a few good home-made hair conditioners that are simple …

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Caffeine hair mask

If you want to treat hair loss or maybe try adding some more volume to your hair then you can try a caffeine hair mask out, right at home! This mask is very simple to make and use, but it will leave a scent of coffee in your hair. What …

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Chocolate hair masks

What is the substance that most people in the world absolutely love? Chocolate ofcourse! But did you know that instead of eating it, there’s other beneficial ways to use it for your hair? What does the chocolate hair mask offer? When you think of a chocolate mask, you’re most likely …

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3 DIY hair masks

Factory made hair masks that you buy from the store can be absolutely amazing, or on some cases not so much. But there’s nothing better than making your very own hair mask at home that brings back the shine to your hair, and also repairs some of the split ends. Here’s 3 hair …

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