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Temporary spray hair dyes

Do you want to dye your hair with a bright colour, but don’t want it to stick for a few weeks or months? This is exactly what spray hair dyes are for. Even more, why not dye your hair extension’s into an ombre shade, with pink, purple or blue tips? …

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Elumen hair dye

Ever wanted to dye your hair in a very bright and unique shade, that will not wash out within weeks? This is what Elumen hair dyes are made for – they’re semi-permanent hair colors that are oxidant-free, yet very high performance. Having your hair dyed with Elumen hair colours will …

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Fall hair colours

Ready for fall, are we? Have you thought about what are the most stylish hair colours for this fall or fall in general? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Fall does last just for three months, but then again – it’s been getting longer each year! Fall hair colours – …

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How to dye your hair rainbow colours

Whether you wish to dye your hair rainbow colours or maybe just a soft pastel tone, it can become quite a handful to achieve. If your hair are naturally coloured darker, then you have even more work cut out for you, since you most likely have to bleach your hair beforehand …

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What is OMBRE hair

What is OMBRE hair? It’s a coloring effect for your hair, which leaves the bottom part of the hair lighter colored and top half darker. To do this, you could turn to your hair stylist, or purchase a special ”ombre” hair dye box from the local mall (or the internet). …

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