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Luxy Hair Vibrant Auburn, 120g, 20”

The quality

I’m very pleased with the way these extensions feel, they’re soft and silky, very flowing and have a natural look to them. There was no shedding that I noticed as I unpacked them and styled them, which is one of the most important thing for me and also a big giveaway on the quality of the hair extensions.

The color

I just have to say this – I LOVE the color of these! My own hair are lighter than the extensions, but I dyed them a while back, so it should be okay for me to dye them again but a bit darker. I think that the color shade would come closest to shade #33. It looks ALMOST brown, but it’s definitely more red than brown.

The thickness

I have relatively thin hair, so the decision of choosing the 120 g set was solely based on my own hair. I’ve had micro link hair extensions two years back, and it pulled out a great deal of my own hair. Getting the 120 gram set was my way of applying less weight onto my natural hair, while at the same time having the extensions look like my own hair.  To be honest with you, 120 grams isn’t little at all. When laid out over my head, they blend in with my hair and don’t give that funny bulky look. Currently I’m considering having my own ends trimmed, because they look a little frizzy..

The length

The length of my own hair is around  16-17 inches, so a 20 inch set is not that noticeable by length difference. I will admit that I was looking for a 18 inch set from other stores, but ended up getting Luxy hair’s 20“ set thinking that I can trim them. Now as I do have them, I don’t really want to cut them at all. They don’t cost too much, but the silky feeling from the clips to the ends made me feel bad about throwing away the bits that i’d be snipping off.

So, I decided that i’ll wear them until they become frizzy or start looking dry, then I’ll have them trimmed back a bit. By that time my own hair will most likely be longer as well, so it’ll add more volume rather than length.

The styling

Both straight and wavy hairstyles look good with the extensions. But because my own hair live a life on their own and the waves that it forms are very strong, I have to either straighten my own hair or curl the extensions.  I prefer having them straight or then in a ponytail, there’s only a certain amount of heat damage that natural hair can take.


Very satisfied with my purchase, and happy with the product I received. I’m will have to have my hair dyed a bit darker to match the extensions, but after that I’ll include them in my everyday look. A great big thank you for Luxy hair!

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