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Luxy Hair Ombre Chestnut – 220g 20” Black to Chestnut Brown

Ordering and delivery of Luxy hair extensions

I placed this order in the beginning of December 2015 and got them about a week later, they got delayed a tiny bit because of my own little issues, haha.

The quality of Luxy Hair extensions

This is one of Luxy’s thickest sets that they offer coming up with 220 grams. The hair feels incredibly soft and is so vibrant with the color. With the first 5 brushes I got so little shedding out of them that I wouldn’t say a single bad word about it.

I tried them on straight away, brushing them again to see if they start to slip out but they stayed just where I had attached them to. Very pleased with the results so far.

The color match of Luxy hair extensions

These Luxy hair Ombre clip in hair extensions come in the black to chestnut brown tones, which would be #1 to #6 on the colour chart. My own hair are somewhere between black and off black, so these hair extensions are just excellent for me.

The length of Luxy hair extensions

The 20 in Luxy Ombre chestnut set reaches up to my waist, with me being 5’6. I’d probably make them wavy rather than wear them straight, because my own hair reach up to my waist and they look relatively thinned out at the ends. Wearing them wavy really blends them in better.

The thickness of Luxy hair extensions

220 grams is a lot of hair, normally I would wear about 130g to 170g of hair, but this is my first 220g set that I’ve ever had. They don’t look bulky, especially as I got a bit of help to spread them out around my head better. As you can see from the photo below, they’re REALLY thick.


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