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Luxy Hair extensions Off Black 1B, 160 grams, 20“

The quality

I was told about Luxy Hair extensions by one of my colleagues here a few months back, so I thought i might as well give them a try since the price fits my financial range. I was looking for thicker extensions that have 9 or more pieces, because my own hair are a bit short and very thick, but these extensions have 10 wefts and they’re much thicker than average extensions are. They’re real human hair and by the feel of them, also remy. I think that the best thing about them is when I ran my fingers trough them and couldn’t get almost any shedding what-so-ever. Another thing about Luxy Hair is that the ends of the wefts aren’t „runny“ if you know what i mean. Cheaply made extensions have on many cases very messy ends, where the hair looks very tangled and just not right, but that’s not an issue with Luxy Hair.

The color match

The natural tone of my hair would be between dark brown and black, but I have it dyed black every month. Or well, have the roots touched up at least. These extensions matched my hair tone absolutely perfectly! The best thing about them is that they don’t look plain black, they have a lovely shimmer to them and look so alive, just like my own hair!

The thickness

This is a 160 g set, my hair are extremely thick so I needed a bit more to blend them in and still have that volume from roots to the ends when I’ve got the extensions on. And I’m not disappointed – they blend in much better than I expected, i don’t even need to trim my own hair which is super! Some extensions that I bought before have had a few complications blending wise, and I’ve had my own hair trimmed by my hairstylist so the extensions wouldn’t be that visible.

The length

Going from 14 inches to 20 inches with hair extensions is noticeable by a lot, especially if you fail to blend them and it looks like a joke on you. But with 10 wefts in the whole bundle, I really had no trouble getting them all around. The sides of my head have shorter hair, so that was a bit of a trick to blend, but if i curl them in or flat iron them, it’s no big deal.

The styling

Loose curls look really hot with these, but I have to say that when I took them out of the package and straightened them a bit, it looked really good as well. Because I want to maintain them as long as I possibly can so I gave them a good heat protection treatment before styling them as well.


Soft, healthy feeling long hair, totally would recommend this to my friends. I’ll make these hair extensions my everyday wear ones.

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