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Luxy Hair extensions – 160g, Dirty blonde #18, 20″

The unboxing

The Luxy hair extensions come in a cute box that’s divided into two parts: one is for the tester and the bigger part is for the real thing. The „tester“ is actually a part of the Luxy clip in hair extensions, so when it does suit your hair – you can just add it to the rest of the wefts.

The quality of the first weft feels soft, silky and has a very sleek clean look to it, plus the hair did not shed while I was trying it on. As I opened the top part, I discovered that it contained 2 extra clips in a little bag, instructions and the gorgeous Luxy clip in hair extensions themselves that were in a little net.

The color

The color I ordered was #18, a dirty blonde. It’s a bit darker than my own hair, but then again, different shades (if they’re not too far apart) add depth into the hair, don’t they? Yet again, I am satisfied with Luxy Hair.

The thickness

The 160g package feels absolutely lovely when I hold all 10 clips in my hands.  As I brushed them the hair did not shed at all, nor during the styling.

The length

The hair is 20 inches long, which is more than enough. My own hair are a bit past my shoulders, so there could be a few complications with blending. But the best part about these is that if they wear out, I can chop a bit off from the ends and wear them as new.

The styling

Again, I had to go for the curls. With fine hair the extensions tend to look a bit poor when the hair is straightened, but the curls blend into my natural hair much better.

Caring for Luxy hair extensions

The instructions suggested to brush your extensions from top towards the ends daily, before you use them, and also after you’ve finished wearing them for the day. When you’re about to wash your Luxy hair extensions, you should use your fingers to gently brush trough them first, and wash them with lukewarm water. To avoid any unnecessary heat damage, let the extensions air dry, rather than blow dry them. For really bad tangles, they suggested to apply a leave in conditioner onto the hair and let it take effect overnight, so you could untangle them in the morning.

Also, Luxy hair extensions recommends NOT to wash your hair extensions frequently – they will last longer if you don’t. The suggested washing cycle should be from every 10-20 weeks  in order to care for your beautiful locks the right way.

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