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Luxy Hair Chestnut Brown 20″

If you’re considering purchasing the Luxy Hair chestnut brown hair extensions that are 20 inches long, then have a look here first. I purchased them myself and reviewed them for anyone who’s doubting if they should get them or not.  So let’s get started!

The quality

The Luxy Hair is known for it’s quality of hair. As from what I’ve read, they don’t offer „dead hair“, which is hair that tangles and mattes after the first wash. The extensions are real human hair and also remy! When I first held them in my hand it felt like silk, so soft and absolutely smooth.

The color

The color of these hair extensions is called „chestnut brown“, which should be closes to tone #6. It didn’t really list on their website. Anyhow, as my own hair are somewhat in that tone, I really took a leap of faith and bought them! Luckily for me, the tone isn’t far off at all. It’s a bit lighter than my own hair, but they’d pass as sun-bleached or just highlights.

The thickness

As I got the 220g pack, boy oh boy are they heavy. From the clips to the ends they feel really thick, but the hair shed a tiny bit after the first combing. My own hair are down to my waist, approximately 20 inches at a good day, but they’re thin.  A lot of the times I keep my own hair braided so they won’t look funny on me. This is why I had to get the thicker set from Luxy Hair. Of course a 160g set would have done just fine too, but I’ve always dreamed of really thick hair.

The length

The length of these hair extensions is 20 inches and as I tried them on they passed my own natural hair length a little bit. In my opinion it looks much more natural, as all of the hair aren’t exactly the same length.

The styling

I tried them on with curl and then waves, but the personal favourite ended up being straight style. The hair are super easy to style, i used my GHD heat protect spray to make sure I won’t cause any damage on these bauftiful hair.


My rating for this would be five stars out of five. The Luxy hair are totally worth the investment and I do recommend really considering purchasing these. Hope this helped you!

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