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Can you dye hair extensions with Kool Aid?

If you’re someone who’s got high quality (and a bit on the expensive side) human hair extensions, then you might want to change the shade of them just for fun. There’s an easy and fast way to do it, while causing absolutely no harm to the extensions themselves – Kool Aid.

So how to dye hair with Kool Aid? Is it safe to dye extensions with Kool aid? Let’s find out.

Can you dye hair extensions with Kool Aid?

Yes, you can use Kool Aid to dye hair extensions. The only trouble you might run into is that the hair could become dry, but to encounter that all you need to do is use a good amount of conditioner and soak the extensions for a good 10 minutes in it.

The Kool Aid doesn’t damage the hair extensions at all, and it also doesnt stain them permanently. The dye washes out with 1-5 washes, so you can give your extensions some fun highlights for a short amount of time.

Can you dye synthetic hair with Kool Aid?

While human hair take the dye in without complications, then synthetic hair can prove to be hopeless to dye with Kool Aid.

How to dye hair with Kool Aid

There’s two ways to dye your hair extensions with Kool aid: with water or with conditioner.

If you want to use the water method, then you need a bowl of water, 3 packs of the Kool Aid powder in the colour you want to dye your hair with. I would like to note that it takes about 3 packages to dye the whole head, but if you want to highlight your hair then 1-2 packages should be completely fine as well.

Take the bowl of water, pour all packages of Kool Aid in it, heat the mix up in the microwave and then let it cool down a little bit until it’s touchable. Take your extensions and put the parts that you wish to dye into the mix. You should leave them there for about 1-4 hours to achieve stronger shades.

Once you’ve let them soak for a while, take them out and rinse the dye in cold water, followed by a coat of conditioner. You should leave the conditioner on the hair for about 5-10 minutes, then rinse the hair again with cold water and let it air dry.

How to dye hair with Kool Aid and conditioner

To dye your hair with Kool Aid by using the conditioner method, you’ll need hair conditioner, 2-3 packages of Kool Aid and plastic wrap.

Mix the Kool Aid and 1-2 cups of conditioner together – longer hair will need more conditioner, shorter hair can get away with using less of the conditioner.

Spread out a sheet of the plastic wrap and lay out the extensions on top of it. Apply the conditoner-Kool Aid mix onto the extensions, and once you’re finished put a second layer of food wrap on top to keep the heat inside the dye.

You should leave the dye to work for about 4-6 hours and then rinse the hair in cold water. Avoid washing them as it takes the dye right out of the hair.

How to dip dye hair with Kool Aid


If you want a temporary new look to your hair, or maybe try out a new color then you might as well take on the good old Kool Aid! It’s generally better for hair that are already light color, but can also be tried on darker tones to give them a new shade.

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