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Using the right amount of hair products

Have you ever wondered about if you’re perhaps using too much of a certain kind of hair product? Or maybe your hair just doesn’t look right once you’ve finished styling them?

Don’t worry, we’ve got some of the answers you’ve been looking for: how to use some of the most common hair products, and how much.

How much shampoo to use

Normally the instructions on shampoo bottles guide us to use a quarter-sized amount of shampoo (about an inch in diameter). But it all depends on the length of your hair. The quarter-sized amount is meant for short and shoulder length hair.

You can use even less shampoo when you have a pixie cut – your shampoo will last longer! For longer hair the recommended amount of shampoo is 1.5-2 inch in diameter, which is about the size of a 50-cent.

Rub the shampoo between your hand palms and massage it into the scalp until it starts to lather, after which all that’s left to do is rinsing the hair.

How much conditioner to use

Conditioning your hair on a regular basis will keep your hair moisturised, healthy and silky feeling. But a lot of people make the mistake of using too much of the conditioner, and therefore end up with very heavy hair that don’t have a bounce to them.

The amount you should be using is the same as the shampoo’s: quarter size for short and shoulder length hair, for longer hair 1.5-2 inch diameter circle will do.

You should apply the conditioner onto the middle and ends of the hair, keeping at least a 2-4 inch distance from the scalp. The roots of the hair are generally the most healthiest part of the hair, while the ends of the hair need all the moisture they can get.

How much hair oil to use

Being new to hair oils can result with accidentally using too much of it, and ending up with hair that looks very greasy. When you use hair oils you should only apply it to the ends of the hair, keeping the oil as far as possible from the roots.

The amount that you should be using is 1-3 drops at it’s best, start small and keep in mind that you can always add more – but you can’t really take it back out.

How much heat protection to use

This is something that anyone should own when they’re styling their hair: heat protection. You also have to read the instructions on the product about how much heat can the solution tolerate, as it varies from company to company.

The heat protection should be always applied onto wet hair, before styling.  You should spray it 1-2 around your head and then use your fingers to comb trough the hair. After that you’re free to blow dry your hair, and style them!

How much hairspray to use

You probably guessed it –the hairspray is the most over-used product on our list! Most common mistake you can make is to spray your whole head with the spray, while instead you should just focus on the areas you want to set.

Too much hairspray will make your hair stick together and bulk them up, making it look very unnatural and strange.

Some people prefer using hairspray on wet hair – this won’t allow the hairspray to take full effect. You should keep the spray bottle about 10 inches away from the hair while using.

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