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Macadamian healing hair oil

Ever wondered if the Macadamia hair products are worth the buy? We purchased the Macadamian natural hair healing oil and tested it out for a month, just to write to you what it does and if it actually works or not.

What is the Macadamia hair oil?

The Macadamia hair oil is a specific oil meant for hair, that helps your hair heal up and protect them from any outside damage. The bottle that I bought is quite tiny, just 0.34 Oz (10 ml) by size, but it lasts a long time.

If you’re wondering what types of hair is it meant for, then we can anwser this question for you right now – it’s meant for all types of hair. From african american curly texture hair to fine, thin texture hair.

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What does the Macadamia hair oil do?

The Macadamia hair oil helps your hair heal up, and also protects them from any exessive damage that could be afflicted to them

But to look into the details, the Macadamia hair oil offers your hair natural UV protection while it also provides intense nourishment to your hair. When you apply it in your hair after washing them (they need to be damp), then it also reduces the drying time of your hair. This option is excellent for anyone who has long, thick hair.

If you’re someone who flat irons hair often, then you might want to conside purchasing this little bottle of hair oil. It leaves the hair soft and good smelling once you finish the flat ironing, and also helps to repair some damage that’s left in your hair by the straightener.

How do you apply the Macadamia hair oil?

Take a small amount of the oil and pour it onto your hands. Spread it around so it coats your both hands evenly and then start going trough the ends of your hair, combing them with your fingers.

If you have long hair, bring your hair on one side and over your shoulder, and try to spread the oil onto your hair like that. Doing it this way gives you and option to cover the front and back of the hair evenly.

Be sure not to go too close to the roots, as it makes your hair appear greasy, and you’ll need to wash them again.

Does the Macadamia hair oil work?

I’ve been using this hair oil for a little over a month, and I have to say that it does work. The ends of my hair were very split, and it helps to reduce the „fried“ look once it’s applied.

Even when I havent straightened my hair with a flat ironer, the oil still makes my hair look healthy despite being curly and wavy.

When I bought this hair oil bottle, i was wondering how many times could i use it before it runs out, and I can say now that it lasts a VERY long time. I take a very tiny amount of it when i use it, and that’s all it takes to make my hair look better.  After about a month and a half – which is about 20+ uses – I’ve only used up less than a quarter of the whole bottle. It really, REALLY lasts a very long time.

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