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Loop brush for hair extensions

As the name says, it’s a brush that has loops as teeth on it. But does a looped brush and hair extensions go together? – Certainly!We’ve answered a few most commonly asked questions in regards of loop brushes.

Loop brush for hair extensions

A loop brush is a relatively new type of hair brush that is meant for hair extension users. They’re exceptionally brilliant with semi permanent hair extensions, such as micro loop hair extensions, and also keratin bond hair extensions.

You can also consider getting a looped brush when you have sew in – weave hair extensions or tape hair extensions, because it makes brushing your hair much easier.

Can you use a loop brush for wigs?

Yes you can. Looped brushes are suitable not only for hair extensions, but wigs as well. They handle both human and synthetic hair easily, leaving the hair looking soft and avoiding any tangling.

Because of the teeth of the brush being loops it can be a bit of a challenge to brush the hair sometimes; you have to apply force to get your hair on the inner side of the brush. This will not damage your hair extensions at all while normal hair brush’ teeth get stuck in any tangles and knots, the looped brush does not even have a chance to hang onto the hair due to the way it’s been designed.

Does the loop brush pull on the hair extensions?

A looped brush is designed not to get stuck on your hair extensions but to brush the hair without pulling out any of your own hair nor the extensions. While a normal brush would get stuck on the bonds, pull the hair out and cause unnecessary tangling, then you won’t have this with a looped brush. It will slide trough the hair, between the bonds of the hair extensions and brush out tangles.

Where can you buy looped brushes?

They are sold in many online stores, as well as shops near where you live. You can use it as a scalp massager or put it to practical use and brush your hair extensions without causing any harm.

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