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Hair curling iron

For creating curls in your hair there’s thousands of different hair curling wands out on the market that you can choose from. But what kind of hair curling iron should you go for, since all of the wands focus on specific kinds of curls? We’re answering that question in this post, keep reading to find out.

Thin curling irons

The most common kind of hair curlers are the thin type wands, meant to create thin but strong curls in your hair. It’s best suitable for short hair and takes relatively little time to curl.

Thin curling iron

Thick curling irons

Curling wands that are much thicker by design are meant to create loose but strong curls. The time it takes to curl your hair depends on the length of your hair: longer hair taking up to an hour, and shorter hair for 30 minutes approx.

It’s suitable for both long and short hair, although you could run into trouble with long and thick hair. Just make sure that you curl small sections at the time.

Thick curling iron

Curling brushes

Curling brushes are brilliant for making your hair wavy and curly. The curls that hot brushes create are very loose and gorgeous looking. There’s a few types of these hot brushes that are also meant to straighten hair, but the price of them can climb quite high.

It can take relatively short time to curl your hair with a hot brush.

Curling hair with a hot brush


When you’re new to hot brushes, or have very thick hair then you might have problems with getting the brush stuck in your hair. To avoid this you should do small sections at the time and be patient.

Tousle curling irons

The tousle curling irons are designed to make your hair wavy, rather than curly. But of course you can create curls with the tousle iron without any extra hassle.

The waves that the tousle curling iron creates are very loose and natural looking, giving you a fresh and elegant look.

Tousle curler

Curling machines

The curling machines are made to save your time with curling your hair. The hairstyles that you can make with them ranges from curls to waves, while saving you time.

There’s a constant flow of new designs being released, which gives you more choice to pick the right device from the right price range.

The only issue with these machines is that there’s a chance of your hair getting stuck inside the machine, and fry your hair when you’re trying to untangle them. To avoid this you need to make sure your hair is brushed trough and tangle-free before using the devices.

Curl Secret curling machine

Curling Rolls and clips

Curling rolls and clips are a way to ensure that you have strong, beautiful curls that last hours if not the whole day. They’re rolled up in your hair, left there for a while and once you take them out you will have beautiful curls or waves.

You can make strong ringlet curls, or go for the elegant and effortless waves with using curling rolls. On some cases you can leave the rolls or clips in overnight, to assure that your hair will have curled the way you want it to.

Some of the most common hair curling types

On the image:

  • Hair clips
  • TopStyler hair clips

The TopStyler hair clips are pre-heated, and clipped onto your hair. You would need to wrap the hair around your fingers and then clip the TopStyler clip onto the wrap. The inside of the clip is ceramic and a lot of people are impressed by how much less heat damage it causes to the hair in comparison to curling irons.

  • Curlformers

This is a fun way to curl your hair, it’s recommended to start out with damp, clean hair and section them into 0.5-1 inch sections, then use the hook to pull your hair trough the Curlformer tube. The tubes will stay in a curl shape, and as your hair dry (you can use a blow dryer as well), they will shape into lovely ringlet curls.

For best results you should leave the Curlformers into your hair for a 4-5 hours.

  • Casual hair rolls

These are some of the most common ways to curl your hair, with different products. On many cases it’s easier when there’s other people helping you out with applying the rolls, but you can also do them by yourself.

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