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DAFNI Hair Brush for straightening hair

This is one of the most popular products in social media right now – the DAFNI hair brush that works with electricity. We’ve gathered some information to explain to you what is the DAFNI hair brush, what does it do and also how much does it cost.

What is the DAFNI electrical hair brush?

The DAFNI electrical hair brush is as the name says – an electrical hair brush. The difference between a normal hair brush and the DAFNI hair brush is that the DAFNI hair brush also straightens your hair during the brushing.

Instead of using flat ironer to straighten your hair, you can just take the DAFNI hair brush and brush your hair like you normally would, straightening your hair out. It works with wavy, curly and frizzy hair, straightening them out within a few short brushes.

The DAFNI brush can heat up to 365°F (that’s 185°C) within seconds, and you can also choose how much heat you want to apply with the settings.

How much does the DAFNI brush cost?

The price range of the DAFNI brush can reach from $120-$300. It’s available only in the US, but the majority of the reviews about the DAFNI brush are delighted with the results and saying that it’s absolutely worth the purchase.

Check the current price of the DAFNI brush

Is the DAFNI brush safe?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to use the DAFNI brush on your hair. The heat-insulated bristles will protect your scalp and fingers from being burned, while still straightening your hair.

It also has a built in “sleep mode”, which means that when you forget to unplug your DAFNI brush, it will shut itself down after 15 minutes. Even when the brush is still connected to the socket and in sleep mode, the red light will come on every 2 minutes to remind you to unplug the brush.

How to use the DAFNI hair brush

Before starting you need to make sure your hair are dry, applying heat on wet hair will damage your hair and also could cause an electrical circuit with the brush itself.

It’s optional to brush your hair trough before you use the DAFNI brush, because it reduces the chances of your hair entangling when you’re straightening them. You can also protect your hair with some heat protection spray.

Plug in the brush and wait until the red light on the brush turns green.

Pick out a good handful of hair that you want to work with and brush trough it. Make sure you’re going from the roots to the ends of the hair, and that your hair touches the deep inner area of the brush.

Don’t leave the brush in the hair too long, unless you feel like it need more straightening. And there you go, your’re done!


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