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What is Kanekalon hair?


If you want to have longer hair but don’t have a budget that can afford you high quality hair extensions then Kanekalon hair might be the answer that you’re looking for. Kanekalon hair are synthetic hair, which look, feel and can be styled like natural hair, while at the same time staying on the lower side price wise.

What is Kanekalon hair?

Kanekalon is a company in Japan, that produces wigs. They’re especially known for the safety and quality of their hair, because Kanekalon hair are very natural looking and safety wise flame retardant.

Kanekalon hair are made of mod-acrylic fibers which means that they’re synthetic hair, but Kanekalon knows how to make hair look and feel real. You can wear Kanekalon hair and it won’t give away that they’re not your own hair.

Can you style Kanekalon hair?

Yes, and this is why they’re famous worldwide. They look so natural with curls, waves and also when they’re flat ironed. The synthetic fiber takes heat very well without damaging the fibers.

The curls also stay in your hair much longer than natural hair. That way you can wear the hair, style it, stay our for hours on end and your hair will still be very soft and bouncy by the end of the day.

You can use any kind of heat tool that you can find on the hair without worrying about melting the fiber.

Can you dye Kanekalon hair?

Yes, it’s possible to dye Kanekalon hair but you have to take in consideration that synthetic hair can generally be dyed only darker. So on this case we’d recommend you to purchase lighter toned hair and go with that.

It’s quite a job to dye synthetic hair, because normal box dyes that you can buy from the stores won’t do the trick. We’ll be making a guide about how to dye Kanekalon hair for you in near future.

Kanekalon hair styles

Kanekalon doesn’t offer just straight or curly wigs, they also do very natural looking braiding hair. The Kanekalon braiding hair come in two styles – curly braiding hair, and straight braiding hair, both looking very natural and stylish.

By braiding your hair with the extensions you can protect your natural hair from any weather and heat damage, while still having long, beautiful hair.

What hair products does Kanekalon make?

Kanekalon has a great selection of wigs, hair pieces, hair extensions and braids, let’s look into all of them.

Kanekalon braids

The Kanekalon braids are sold as big chunks of hair, that are separated into smaller amounts and then braided together with your own hair. They’re synthetic hair, but they look very natural by feel and texture.

They make your hair look much longer, while at the same time in long term you’ll be saving your hair from all the styling damage.

Kanekalon wigs

Kanekalon wigs are made in several styles: lace front wigs, full wigs and full cap wigs, all of them ready to be styled and worn. The beauty of these wigs is that they look very natural, and act like it as well. They can take up to 377F heat, giving you a wide range of what kind of heat tool you want to use on them.

You can style them, and if you don’t like it – restyle them with an ease.

Kanekalon hair extensions

The Kanekalon hair extensions are made of synthetic fibers, but they look and feel just like natural hair. Their most sold hair extensions are the clip in hair extensions that come in a variety of length and colors from you to choose from. The Kanekalon clip in hair extensions are sold as a one-piece set, but can also be found as a 7-10 weft set.

But if that’s not your cup of tea, they also have hot fusion hair extensions (keratin) and sew in hair extensions. The choice is yours which hair extensions suit you best.

Kanekalon hair pieces

Hair piece hair extensions do offer some more freedom while you’re short on time, and just want to boost your looks. Kanekalon offers drawstring, bang, bun and ponytail hair extensions, which all have a natural soft texture to them, despite being made of synthetic fibers.

They’re offered in a selection of different colors and lengths, giving you the choice of what would you like to wear.


So there you have it, we’ll definitely make some new guides how to style Kanekalon hair, and how to dye them. See you again soon! Hair-Bun.

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