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Sewing-in and weave hair extensions

Weave hair extensions are brilliant for curly hair, or if you’re looking for a realistic wig that won’t look like a wig – nor can you remove it. It’s mainly recommended for hair that require more help with attaching the hair extensions.

To attach them, the hairstylist would braid your hair in a very tight braid, close to your scalp in cornrow style, then sew the wefted hair into the braids. They use a special kind of thread – weaving thread. This kind of hair can last up to 2-3 months, with proper care that is. But from what we’ve heard, it can get a bit itchy, since your own real hair never really stop growing and that causes the itchy feeling.

There’s also net-weaving, which would mean that after braiding your hair, they’d apply a net to your hair, then sew the hair into the net.

Nevertheless, they look absolutely beautiful, AND natural! There’s several ways to cover up that they’re not you’re real hair: having extra pieces of hair cover up the spots where your natural hair and the weave meet. It makes the weave look natural, you can tie your hair up, curl them or style them in any other way you wish.

Caring for weave hair extensions

Caring for top class weave hair is everything but easy, so we’ve listed a few things that you can do to make your weave last longer and to keep it from matting.

Washing weave hair extensions

To wash your weave, step into the shower and let the warm water soak trough the weave to your scalp. Try not to rub the hair in a hard motion like you would with your own natural hair. If you know the quality of your extensions, you should treat them accordingly – with good quality hair extensions, you can apply a good amount of shampoo and conditioner, but for extensions that are a bit lower by quality, use only a tiny amount of conditioner.

When you’re working on the scalp, avoid rubbing the braids that the extensions are attached to because it makes the hair break, and the weave could drop.

Drying weave hair extensions

Rinse your hair, but don’t rub them. Use a towel to wrap them in a turban for about 2-5 minutes, so the running water would be absorbed. Try not to rub the hair at all as it damages it and causes tangles.

Use the towel to gently dry the hair in a downwards motion. When you brush your hair, hold the section firmly in your hand, and start brushing from the ends of the hair going up. Make sure that the under braids are dried, but if they take longer than 24 hours, you should get a blow dryer and use it to dry the braids.

Once your hair has been completely dried, let it set for an hour or two and once that is done, it’s safe to proceed with styling.

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