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One piece volumizer hair extensions

When you’re looking around in online shops you’ve probably come across one piece hair extension sets. They’re made by sewing several wefts together, with the same idea as the flip in hair extensions but with clips. They’re generally called “volumizing” hair pieces, as it’s designed to give more volume to the hair rather than length.

Here’ we’re going to be discussing the pros and cons of one piece hair extensions and if it’s worth the purchase.

What are volumizing hair extensions?

A volumizing hair extension set is made up by only one weft of hair extensions that generally has 5 clips attached to it. While it’s a once-piece weft, it’s made up by 3-5 wefts, due to which the extension is very thick.

This type of extensions are meant for adding volume to longer hair. When you’ve got shorter hair, it might become a problem to blend them in and make them look like your own hair.

Price of the volumizing sets

The price of these extensions can varies heavily. Depending on what kind of hair you want to have – whether its human hair or synthetic hair – you’re either going to start from the bottom of the price list, or from the top.

On general shops that sell everything (from furniture to hair as an example) you will notice that some of the sellers have

If you want to get really good one piece extensions then you should look for shops that focus on only producing hair extensions.

How to wear volumizing hair extensions?

When you purchase the volumizing hair extension set then all you will receive is just a once piece hair extensions that is very thick. To wear it in your hair, you should part your hair into two sections, leaving an empty space going from one ear to another. That is where you should clip your volumizing set.

Start with the center clip, and move outwards. Once the hair is securely in place, release the top section of hair and blend them with the extensions.

If your hair are having trouble to blend, you can try curling them and bringing the hair in the front of you, rather than leave them in the back. The curls help to hide the uneven hair and make it look more like your own.

When you brush your hair, try to be very gentle so you won’t pull out the extensions. Start from the ends of the hair and move upwards.

Pros of volumizing hair extensions

  • It’s very easy to clip in
  • Well priced
  • Easy to dye into another shade
  • Simple to style as you wish

Cons of volumizing hair extensions

  • They can appear a bit fake and stringy when attached inappropriately
  • They match only same length hair as the extensions are

Would I recommend you to buy them?

Yes, I would list the volumizing hair extensions as a good choice to make your hair look thicker. They don’t cost you a fortune, and generally they’re very durable.

The only thing I would like for you to keep in mind, is that you should get the same length hair piece as your own hair are. It can of course be a few inches longer, but the difference will show if it’s too drastic.

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