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How to find the right shampoo for your hair

Have you ever found yourself complaining about the condition of your hair? That they’re dry,  the ends are split or perhaps they get greasy too fast? Surprisingly your shampoo could be to blame for this.

So how to avoid these things?

Shampoo for dry hair

Does your hair feel dry and feels just like hay when you run your fingers trough it? This is because your current shampoo is drying your hair out, and causing a lot of unnecessary split ends.

To repair your hair, you should look for a good moisturizing shampoo, and to seal the deal – a conditioner or a hair mask. By conditioning your hair after washing, you restore the moisture within the hair strands, leaving them much softer and more elastic than before.

Some shampoos are advertised out as „for dry hair“ and end up leaving the hair even dryer than before. This is why it’s suggested to buy shampoos that are well known and highly praised, such as Tresémme hair products.

Hairgurt yogurt shampoo

hairgurt_yogurt_shampooThe Hairgurt yogurt shampoo is absolutely ideal for anyone who has frizzy, dry or damaged hair. The shampoo is free of all the things that could harm your hair: sulfates,  parabens, harsh salt Systems, any harmful colors and harmful fragrances. It’s rich with yogurt protein and leaves your hair smelling like banana and strawberries. If you want to improve the condition of your hair and are on a budget, then this shampoo is for you.

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Shampoo for greasy hair

When your hair get greasy fast after washing, then you should probably take a closer look at your haircare routine. Do you use any other products besides the shampoo?

Using too much moisturizing products could make your hair greasier and heavier, weighing down the strands and leaving your hair looking flat.

To avoid your hair becoming greasy, don’t use shampoos that are for shiny hair or are moisturizing enough without a conditioner. You should also steer clear from styling your hair, or using any hair oils.

TRU Moroccan clarifying shampoo


The TRU Moroccan shampoo is a natural clarifying shampoo that takes on greasy, oily hair and also provides great help with itchy and scaly scalp. It’s safe to use with hair that’s weakened by chemical processing, such as dyeing or perming. It’s good for sensitive hair and skin, as it contains no parabens or any other harmful chemicals that are known to leave hair weak.

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How to fix tangles in hair

Are you having too much trouble trying to comb your hair after washing it? It’s very common thing to happen with hair, especially after dyeing them with a home dye kit.

To sort that out, use a conditioner or a hair mask on your hair. Massage it into towel-wet hair, and leave it in for about 20 minutes.  The conditioner helps the hair texture to relax, and makes the knots and tangles come out much easier.

Shampoo for hair extensions

Not all shampoos are kind to hair extensions, remember that. You cannot pick up a Head’n’Shoulders and hope for the best. It damages the extensions and makes them appear matte.

To avoid any exess damage with washing your hair extensions, you need to know how to wash and dry them.  Human hair extensions are made of human hair, but they’re cut off from any nutrition as they’re not actually connected to your scalp. After some time they’re bound to turn matte and begin to tangle, but you can delay this from happening with the proper hair care.

Curious about how to properly care for hair extensions? Check out our article about hair extensions hair care right here on Hair-Bun.

Looking for a hair extension shampoo?


The satin strands shampoo is excellent with hair extensions. People who have bought and used it praise it very highly, saying it’s worth the price and actually does what it promises to do. It leaves your extensions soft and silky every time you’ve used it.

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The RemySoft BlueMax leave-in-conditioner is made to add the right amount of moisture into your hair extensions, avoiding leaving them dry and odd looking. You don’t need to use much, therefore the bottle will last you a good while.

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