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Tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions are one of the most preferred hair extension types out there. They’re easy to attach – even by yourself. Usually they’re about 2 inches (5 cm) sections of hair, and you apply one of them on top of a selected section, lift it up and apply one under it – like a hair-extension-sandwich. The sticky bits have to be facing each other, and in the middle of them there’s your hair, to hold them put.

Do tape hair extensions damage your hair?

Tape hair extensions can cause some damage when they’re pulled out by force. The damage can extend to a lot of your own hair being ripped out along with the tape hair extensions, because technically speaking they are glued onto your own hair. You need to be very careful and patient with removing them, it would be even better when there would be someone to help you with it.

How long do tape hair extensions last?

They’re semi-permanent extensions, meaning that you can leave them in for 3 months (depending on how long do they look pretty), or you can take them out a week later.

This also relies on what kind of care you provide for them. Being protective over your hair will give them a much longer lifespan than being careless.

How to remove tape hair extensions?

In order to remove them an alcoholic solution or acetonic solution is needed – like a nailpolish remover. When you’re doing this by yourself you need to be careful – it dries out your scalp if it comes in contact with it.

To reverse any damage you could cause by drying your hair or scalp out, you can use coconut oil on your hair to revitalize the hair, and bring back the moisture.

Caring for tape hair extensions

Caring for tape hair extensions is very easy and straightforward with only one golden rule: do not apply any heat, conditioner or oils onto the bonds of the hair. If you do any of those things near the tape bonds, you could cause them to loosen and fall out. With applying heat onto the bonds you could cause them to melt while being attached onto your hair and very close to your scalp.

Washing tape hair extensions

Firstly, I’d like to say that the only products that are not recommended for tape hair extensions are shampoos that remove dandruff, shampoos that contain sulphur or any other product with high silicone percentage in it.

Tilt your head back a bit and let the water flow naturally to the end of the hair, then massage the shampoo into the scalp with your finger tips. Make sure not to pull on the extensions when you rinse them. You can repeat the wash if needed. Do not scrub the hair as it mattes the color and causes irreversible damage.

Conditioning tape hair extensions

Apply conditioned onto the extensions and the end of your own hair, but avoid the roots at all cost. Use your hands to comb trough the hair and make sure there’s no tangles. Hair masks are fine too, but only once a week would be the recommended amount. When you condition your hair, stay in the mid-lengths and in the ends of the hair. The reason why is that it loosens the tape and makes them fall out easier.

Drying tape hair extensions

Wrap your hair in a towel to remove the moisture, but never scrub them with the towel. Start the drying with the scalp.

When you’ve chosen to blow dry them, apply heat protector onto the hair before starting to dry them. Comb the hair trough with your fingers or with a wide tooth comb in a gentle manner. Use the lowest possible heat and aim downwards. When you’re drying near the tape bonds, move the blow-dryer further away to avoid melting the bonds.

When you feel that you’re hair are about 75% dry, that’s when you should include the brush into the styling. Wet hair are a whole lot weaker and therefore using a brush early on isn’t the best idea.

Tape hair extensions: what you need to know

If you’re interested in changing up your look, you may have considered tape hair extensions, which can help to make your hair appear fuller and healthier

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