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The pros and cons of clip in hair extensions

A lot of people are limited on which hair styles to try on because they have thin or short hair. There are many hair oils, treatments and supplements you can try, but it will take time for the hair to grow. If you are looking for an easier and fast option then we’ve got a solution for you – clip in hair extensions! Clip in hair extension help in making your hair longer and thicker. I’ll be going over about what to look out for when buying the hair extension, pros and cons of clip in hair extensions.

What to look out for with clip in hair extensions?

You should look for clip in hair extension that is made of human hair. This means that all of the cuticles will be facing the same direction and you can treat the hair extensions as your natural growing hair. In comparison, synthetic hair extension are not not heat friendly and the silicon coating in them fades away with time.

Weight of the hair is measured in grams, the weight of the hair will help you in knowing how thick your hair will be. Many stores online advertise out that 100 grams of hair would cover your full head, but it all depends on the length and style of the hair. It doesn’t matter if the hair is micro loop, tape or clip in extensions – only the hair itself gets weighted, not the attachments. A general rule is the thicker and shorter your hair is the more grams you will need.

The length of the hair determines the heaviness of the clip in hair extension, it is advised the length to be 20’’ long hair extension to avoid straining your scalp and causing accidental breakage. It’s also good to keep in mind that you can always cut the hair extensions, so if you buy 20 inch set and over time the tips dry out – you can just cut the ends off and they’ll look like new again.

To know whether the hair extension will shed hair, before buying it run your fingers through the extension and check if any hair came out. On many cases this is impossible, as no online shop will accept back hair extensions that have been worn or opened. Some companies with good reputation send the packages with “testing” wefts. They’re wefts that usually have only one clip, so you can try it on and see if the color and length are satisfying. If not – don’t open the rest of the package and return the product. But if they do match, then the tester weft will become one part of the set that you received.
The quality of the weft is shown by how it is sown. Professionally sewn wefts do not have any strands sticking out on the sides.

Pros of clip in hair extension

. Convenient: clip in hair extension are convenient since you do not have to go to the hairdresser or pay for the service. You can slip on it yourself before you head out and remove it when you want to.
Once you do purchase a well-reviewed product, they will last for months with proper care.

. Easy to style: since they resemble the natural hair it is simple to style them in all styles including buns.

Cons of clip in hair extension

. Cheap the clip in hair extension is a very risky investment as you can end up buying dead hair. Dead hair is collected from salons, not remy (although advertised as remy) and they matte after the first wash. Cheap equals bad quality!

. Hair loss: if they are put on the wrong way they can cause hair breakage. Also too heavy clips can end up pulling your own hair out with heavy usage.

. Visibility of the clips: if the hair is moved to the side the clips can be seen especially if you have thin hair. With a windy weather, it will be a struggle.

. They fall out easily, especially if your hair gets stuck somewhere.

How to wear clip in hair extensions?

Clip in hair extension can be worn during an event or even daily to give your locks that extra volume. Though you should be on the lookout for the quality, making sure you won’t end up damaging the extensions or even worse – damaging your own hair. To get the desired look, maintain your hair extension by cleaning and caring for them regularly. With proper maintenance the clip in hair extension could last even longer than they’re supposed to.

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