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Dyeing Ombre hair extensions

If you’re looking to have your hair dyed in the Ombre style, and also looking for ideas for which style to pick then you’re at the right place. It’s hard to choose which ombre style you like more color wise, how high do you want your ombre to start and if you should maybe use hair extensions instead. We’ve put together an article for you to help pick the style you like the most, and also how to do your own ombre hair extensions right at your own home.

Here’s some before and after photos of girls who had the ombre hairstyle done:

ombre-before-and-after ombre-hair-before-and-after ombre-hair-before-and-after-2

Ombre hair extensions – is this possible?

If you don’t want to dye your hair but still would like an Ombre hairstyle, you could always wear hair extensions. Is it possible to dye hair extensions in the ombre style? Yes, it is if it’s human hair. If you buy synthetic hair, buy them the lightest tone possible, because you can’t bleach synthetic hair lighter, but you can dye them darker. Here’s a few examples for you of ombre hair extensions that you can very well dye at home by yourself:

ombre-extensions ombre-hair-extensions-blonde

How to make your own Ombre hair extensions from human hair

Buying hair extensions

First things first, we need to buy the hair extensions and choose the type your would want: clip ins, weave or sew in hair extensions, tape, micro loop or hot fusion hair extensions. When you’re picking them, be sure to read other people’s comments and reviews about them form the seller. Also, it’s obvious that cheaper prices look more desirable, but trust me – it’s not worth it. I’ve bought dead hair on 3 cases and they became matte after the first wash, looking absolutely nasty. Save up and purchase yourself some decent hair extensions that have excellent reviews, and that should also look like a fair deal price wise. Real remy human hair are everything but cheap, so be prepared to spend quite a lot.

Here’s a few examples of the Ombré hairstyle

blonde-long-ombre-hair red-ombre-hair-extensions red-ombre-hair-long ombre-hair-extensions dark-to-light-ombre-hair ombre-hair-longbeautiful ombre hairbrown-ombre-hairhow-to-ombre-hairblonde-ombre-hairshorter-ombre-hairshort-ombre-hairdark-ombre-hairred-to-blonde-ombre-hairblonde-ombre-hair-extensions

Preparations for dyeing

Here’s what you’re going to need:

  1. Foil
  2. A bowl for the dye
  3. A dye brush
  4. A towel
  5. Shampoo for hair extensions (not just any shampoo!)
  6. A conditioner that you don’t have to wash out

Lay out the sections

Lay out the foil and on top of it your hair extensions. As an example lets picture that we’re dyeing human clip in hair extensions – we’d lay every section out one by one, so it would be easier to dye them and make sure the dye is applied equally.

Applying the dye

Mix the dye and measure out where do you want your ombre highlights to start from. Keep in mind the length of your own hair, so it wouldn’t start too low nor too high – so it’d blend in with your own hair. Apply the coat of dye onto the hair extensions , turn the extensions around and do the same on the other side. By doing this you’ll get equal coating of dye on the extensions. Focus on the tips of the hair extensions, and when you go higher towards the clips – get a bit “messy”. By messy we mean dyeing the hair un-equally. Imagine the hair – strong color on the bottom, the higher you go the lighter the tone gets and finally blends in with your own hair.

You can leave the dye into the hair a bit longer than recommended on the instructions, but be sure not to go overboard. We don’t want you to ruin your extension by frying them by accident.

Washing the hair extensions

Wash the extensions, moving from the clips towards the ends of the hair, and be sure to use colder water to rinse them. Use a shampoo and be gentle on them to avoid causing any damage – wet hair is weak hair. Once they’re towel dry, apply the leave in conditioner and let them air dry to avoid heat damage from blow drying. If you do want to blow dry them, make sure to apply heat protection before you start.

After drying you can style them and try them on. If you didn’t achieve the desired tone then you can try again, but be careful because hair extensions are a little weaker than your own hair and it can’t do anything to repair itself.

You can use argan oil or coconut oil to care for them, but you have to be very sure how much you can use. Until then, enjoy your new looks – Hair-Bun.


What is Ombré hair

What is OMBRE hair? It’s a coloring effect for your hair, which leaves the bottom part of the hair lighter colored and top half darker. To do this, you could turn to your hair stylist, or purchase a special ”ombre” hair dye from a shop.

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