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Keratin hair extensions

When you want to get hair extensions that stay in your hair for a while, and you’re also looking for the least damaging extensions, then you should consider getting keratin bond hair extensions. But what are keratin hair extensions? Is it the same as hot fusion hair extensions, and most of all: is it safe for your hair?

We’re answering all the questions that are on your mind, keep reading to find out.

Are hot fusion hair extensions safe?

Yes they are, the extensions will not damage your hair unless you apply too much force or do something that could loosen them.

You have to keep in mind though that everyone ’s lifestyles and habits are different, which makes the hair behave better or worse. Due to this there’s a lot of different opinions out there on the world, but the only way for you to find out is to try the hair extensions yourself.

Cons of keratin hair extensions

When you don’t brush the extensions on a regular basis, or decide to go to sleep with wet hair then prepare yourself for a nightmare. It’s dreadful how detangled and matte the hair will become after sleeping with wet hair. When you find yourself in that position, it’s easier to have the extensions taken out.

You need to be careful about is how much heat you apply onto the hair. When you’re blow drying the hair, curling or straightening it then you must not apply any heat near or onto the bonds. It will make the bonds melt which causes a huge mess.

If you’re used to conditioning or oiling your hair, you need to make sure that you won’t apply anything else but shampoo near the bonds. When you apply conditioner, hair masks or any softening hair products near the bonds, it loosens the grip that the glue has on your hair and the extensions will just slide off. Obviously that’s something you don’t want happening after paying a good amount for having the hair extensions installed.

Types of pre bonded hair

Keratin hair extensions have a list of different names, all due to the ways they’re attached or how they look. Hot fusion, pre-bonded, keratin hair extensions  – it’s all the same type of hair extensions but just different ways to call them.

There is two different types of the keratin hair extensions that you can have:

U-tip pre-bonded hair extensions

The U-tip keratin hair extensions

The u-tip pre bonded hair extensions are the most common keratin hair extensions out there. It means that the hair extensions strands already attached to individual pieces glue that are shaped like the letter U is. On some cases your hairstylist might snip off a bit of the glue because your hair just doesn’t need that much of it to be attached to the extensions.

The extensions cannot be attached into visible places, which is why you need to keep about an inch or more radius from the hair line. Needless to say this kind of extensions should be only installed by hairstylists who have experience about keratin hair extensions.

The hair stylist would section your hair to be a bit thinner than one strand of the extensions. He or she would place the glue-bond part onto your hair, leaving about half an inch or less between the extension and your scalp. The next step the stylist will perform is to take a special heat tool, warm up the keratin glue, remove the tool and then roll the bond between her fingers which makes the glue stick onto your own hair.

The U tip keratin extensions are discreet, easy to manage and they won’t really bother you as much as other chunky extensions tend to do.

Flat-tip pre-bonded hair extensions

The flat-tip keratin hair extensions

The flat tip keratin hair extensions are almost the same as the U tip, but instead of having a U shape glue-and-hair bond, it has a flat tip in the shape of a square or rectangle. The attaching style of these extensions is almost the same as U-shaped keratin extensions, the only difference being that the extensions don’t get rolled.

Of course they can be rolled, but mostly they just stay in the little flat shape, after the glue gets melted and attached to your hair.

The flat tip keratin hair extensions are very discreet and easy to style, too.

Washing keratin hair extensions

You should wash keratin hair extensions with a Sulphate free shampoo. If you can, you should pick a natural shampoo that doesn’t have any extra chemicals in there. A great example for this is the Argan Oil shampoo which you can buy from online stores, and the price of it is also extremely reasonable.

Argan Oil moisture and shine shampoo, sulfate free, 354 ml.

Because the hair extensions aren’t attached directly to your scalp, they don’t have a natural flow of moisture and nutrients anymore. Due to this you have to make sure that they receive the moisture that they need, by using a deep moisturizing hair mask or a conditioner. A great example for this would be the Macadamia deep repair masque.

Macadamia deep repair masque 100ml

Styling keratin hair extensions

After washing the hair you should let your them air dry rather than blow drying. Just wrap a towel around them and try not to rub them nor move them around too much. The rubbing will make the hair matte much faster than they actually should.

But when you do need to blow dry them, the first rule is not to let the heat go near the bonds, and to remember using a heat protection lotion on the rest of the hair. On a low heat start blow drying the hair from the tips and generally move upwards. In the beginning you should only use your fingers to brush trough the hair. Too much rubbing, combing or other straining movements could make your hair matte.

When you get closer to the scalp, move the blow dryer away from your scalp. The air that hits the bonds and your scalp should be barely warm.

Use a deep moisturizing oil on the extensions to make sure they remain healthy looking and shiny.

Removing Keratin hair extensions

In order to remove these extensions from your hair, you can go to a hairstylist who will do it for you, or then do it by yourself. After removing them, it’s impossible to re-use the extensions because the glue that is dissolved was the only thing holding the hair together. Because of this you need to be very sure that removing the keratin hair extensions is your final decision.

Removing keratin hair extensions at the salon

The hairstylist will use a solution that contains acetone, and apply it onto the bonds. The solution takes effect within 10-30 seconds, after which the hairstylist will use pliers to break the bond loose from your hair.

The glue that held the extensions together will crumble away, and the residue glue can be just combed out. Your hairstylist will dissolve the hair section by section, to avoid damaging your natural hair.

Removing keratin hair extensions by yourself

To do this, you need to purchase a solution that’s meant for dissolving the glue bonds. Some people use even nail polish remover, as it contains a lot of acetone.

Section your hair, starting from the bottom and moving upwards. Apply the solution onto the bonds, massaging it all over the bond. Wait about 10-30 seconds, and start trying to pull the glue apart. You can use pliers if it makes it easier for you.

The glue will let go of your hair, after which you can gently pull the extensions out of your hair. Use a fine comb to comb out the remaining glue.

When you finish removing the extensions (it can take several hours!), you should make it up to your hair by giving them a deep conditioning hair mask treatment. Removing the extensions by yourself can take a big toll on your hair as the acetone dries the hair out.

Buying keratin hair extensions

We do not recommend you to purchase the keratin hair extensions by yourself, or to install them yourself. The cheaply made extensions tend to have a different glue on them, that doesn’t react the same way as professional keratin extension glue does.

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