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Keratin and pre bonded hair extensions

Keratin and pre bonded hair extensions have many names – glue in, pre bonded, hot fusion.. That is because every extension is a strand, attached to a piece of special glue.

How to attach Keratin hair extensions

To attach them, it’s recommended to have someone else do it for you, not do it yourself.

The extensions are usually fitted by using a heating tool, to soften and melt the glue-bond on the tip of the extension, which is then placed against a small section of your natural hair. You have to be quick to roll the keratin into the natural hair tightly, because Keratin is very fast to cool down and go back to it’s solid form. Once you succeed, the hair and extensions should be connected by a tight, Keratin bond. When in hair, they look very natural and well hidden, because the bonds are small.

These kind of hair extension naturally mean a long term commitment, and intensive care. As an example, if you go to bed with wet hair then the morning after you should expect a disaster. The hair need to be dried, braided and made sure that they wont tangle or break.

Removing them is relatively easy as well, depending on which kind of glue you had used to attach them. For some, a simple acetone solution applied to the bond loosens the bond, and makes it easy to remove the extensions. For others, it’s an alcohol-based solution that does the trick.

Caring for hot fusion hair extensions

Before you start washing your hair, brush them trough using a loop brush. Make sure there’s no tangles, and if any of the bonds have stuck together, use your fingers to separate them. It’s suggested to use cool water, massage the scalp with the shampoo and keep moving downwards.

To condition them, use a deep conditioning conditioner. Try not to use the solution on your roots or near the bonds, but start within mid-length and go towards the ends of the hair.

If the conditioner or hair mask comes in contact with the roots and the hair bonds, the bonds will loosen and slide off. It could also pull out a good amount of your own hair.

It’s suggested to let them dry naturally, but before you do that, as an example you can use Argan oil on them so they wouldn’t turn matte nor dry out.

Of course you can blow dry them as well, but don’t apply too much heat on the bonds. They could melt and ruin your own hair, next to the hair extensions as well. Needless to say, you MUST use heat protecting serum, or yet again you could risk ruining your beautiful locks.

For styling, avoid using any kind of heat near the bonds. As said above, it could melt easily and then you’d have a mess in your hands.

Other than that, I hope you take good care of your extensions!

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