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How to stop picking on hair extensions

Have you gotten semi permanent hair extensions such as keratin bond ones, and find yourself picking on the bonds? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s normal to pick on the bonds of the extensions when they’re put in for the first time as it takes time to get used to.

But are there any tips you can use to cut out the picking?

Does the „picking“ damage your hair?

Picking on your extensions is needless to say something you shouldn’t do. It loosens the bonds that are connected to your hair, making the extensions fall out much easier than normally.

Another dreadful thing that comes along with picking the hair is the damage you’re afflicting to your natural hair. The strands are constantly pulled on when you pick on the bonds, and will eventually just fall out.

While one or two strands of hair count as a normal amount of hair loss, having 100 to 200 strands fall out is something that will start to show, and is very unhealthy for your scalp.

How to stop picking on hair extensions

In case you’re wondering, picking on your hair extension bonds is the same kind of bad habit as ripping off split ends or biting nails. On many cases you don’t notice that you’re even doing it, but what you do notice is the damage caused by it.

Setting goals and focusing

The first thing you need to do is acknowledge that you’ve got a problem at your hands, and that you’re a hundred percent committed to stop doing it. It takes commitment to stop a habit, because you’re so used to doing it and living like that day to day.

Using a bandana to prevent picking the hair

Bandanas are your friends! The best thing about keratin and micro link hair extensions is that your hair has so much more movement range than with clip ins, so why not use it? Tie your hair up into a bun, and use a bandana to cover the roots so you wouldn’t be able to get your fingers in there.

Wearing a bandana looks also incredibly stylish and is in fashion this year, not to mention that if you don’t feel safe to expose your hair extension bonds – you can use a bandana to cover them up.

Tying hair up

Hair buns, ponytails, pigtails, fish-braids, French-braids, Dutch-braids.. They’re all your friends! having them tied up will reduce the need for you to touch the bonds, as well as also prevent any weather damage or styling damage that the hair could be exposed to on a daily basis.

It’s completely normal and understandable that you’d want to wear your new hair loose and show off the new length, but in a long term having your hair tied up for 1-2 weeks will do much more good than you think.

Purchase a loop brush

Using a normal hairbrush or a comb on your hair will only elevate the „foreign object“ feeling with the bonds. It makes you feel like you need to pick the hair even more, and also create a mess at the same time.

A looped brush will not pull on the extensions or the bonds at all. It’s designed to not get stuck in tangles unlike a normal hair brush, and you will feel the difference as soon as you brush your hair with it for the first time.

How long does it take to drop the habit?

The first week is the hardest, while the second week is the time period where you’ll start to change the habits. When your extensions have been freshly installed they are positioned less than an inch from your scalp, and that makes it feel a bit uncomfortable. Within a week or two your hair will grow out just a little bit and it makes all the difference comfort wise.

All you need to have is patience and stay determined!


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