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How to cut your own hair extensions

When you’re getting new hair extensions that you have to apply on your own such as clip in hair extensions then there might be a few issues with blending the hair extensions into your own hair. One way to fix this is to cut your own hair extensions with the help of our guide. You could also go to a hairstylist and ask them to do it for you, which is one way to make sure that it looks even and just like you want it. But some hairstylist don’t feel comfortable with cutting hair extensions, and can turn you away.

How to cut your own hair extensions

This should take you about 5-15 minutes per weft, so prepare yourself to take it easy and not rushing trough the trimming. Rushing the job could leave you with hair extensions that have a very chopped up look, and you won’t wear them with loose hair.

Here’s what you need:

  • A sharp pair of scissors
  • Clips to hang the extensions up with
  • A chair

Trimming the ends of hair extensions

If your hair looks heavily uneven when you’ve got the extensions on, then you need to trim the ends.

Put your hair extensions in your hair if you haven’t already, and comb them all in the front where you can see them. Grab the ends of the hair on both side and put them together, then cut off the little part of hair that looks like it doesn’t fit in there.

This way you’ll have even ends, but it will require some layering.

How to layer hair extensions

Take the hair extensions out of your hair, and lay them out to hang so you can work on them. You can use a clip and the back of a chair,  clipping the hair onto the chair so you can work with the weft more freely.

Take a pair of sharp scissors (dull ones will make this impossible!), cut the ends evenly once more, and then we’ll begin to layer them.

You’re going to want to start the layers within 2-3 inches from the ends, if you decide to go higher then you could accidentally thin your hair out too much. Put the scissors into a small strand, and start sliding downwards with them. This way you’ll cut off a very small amount of hair, and doing it repetitively on the bottom of the weft makes the hair look layered.


A lot of people find it easier to do it with a regular shaver, but with a shaver you could end up doing it too bluntly and abruptly, so the layers look uneven and rather chopped off. With hair extensions you only get one shot to do it right, because they wont grow back, so you have to get it right with the first time.

We recommend doing the layering bit by bit, put the weft on and check if you’re happy with the layering – if not then repeat the process. But again I’d like to remind you to do it bit by bit, not all in one shot.

Layering the front of the hair

When you’ve got your freshly layered hair extensions on, then there’s usually a bit of a jump between your bangs/sides and the hair extensions themselves. To avoid having an uneven look, take the sides of your hair and the extensions, comb them trough, and cut the hair on an angle (check the photo).


Be sure not to cut too drastically, because it will look too blunt. You can also use the feathering method that we explained on how to layer your hair extensions. Feathering means that your hair is textured with the layering technique.

As hairstylist cut natural hair when they’re wet, we do not recommend trying the same with hair extensions. You’ll get a much better view and range when the extensions are dry. You can also try this with older extensions, to cut off any dead, dry ends that doesn’t look healthy.


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