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Where should you have your hair extensions done

When you’re looking to get yourself some micro loop extensions or perhaps keratin or tape hair extensions, then it’s always the best to do your research about them beforehand. But is it a smart idea to buy them yourself or have them installed at the salon? Or maybe both? Let’s discuss this.

Buying hair extensions online

With buying your own hair extensions online or from a store, you’re going to be in charge of the quality and shade match of the hair. Buying the hair online can prove to be a challenge as choosing the right tone without actually seeing the hair is generally speaking gambling – you won’t know if the hair matches until you’re holding the hair in your hands.

But on a positive note some shops do offer a shade match option, where they will ask you to provide photos of your own hair in different lights, and then choose the closest tone to the hair. It really comes in handy when you’re new to purchasing hair extensions and are not quite sure what tone should you get.

Price of hair extensions

I can’t put enough pressure on the price range of hair. Hair extensions that are made of real human hair and high quality will cost you more – always! If it’s cheap and looks too good to be true – it’s a fake.

The price range of a keratin or micro link bundle that has 25 strands, should start from $25 and climb up. Too high price is bad as well, but to get high quality hair, $25 should be just fine per bundle.

Quality of hair extensions

One problem that you could have is the quality of the hair. By choosing to buy your own extensions you need to make sure that the quality is top notch as well, you don’t want extensions that will fall out, matte or begin to tangle after the first wash. Quite a lot of sellers on online shops tend to advertise the hair as remy virgin human hair, but what they’re really selling is dead hair.

To find out if the hair is good or not you should read the reviews or comments on the hair. If the shop doesn’t have a commenting or reviewing option, then you can Google the name and search if someone else has bought the hair and what do they think of it.

If you can’t find any info about it, then you should just skip the seller and move on. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Installing hair extensions by yourself

When you’ve bought your own extensions you have a choice of where do you want to have them done: by yourself or at the salon. Some salons don’t take „own bought“ hair extensions, which is why it’s best to do your research and a few phone calls to clarify things rather than just walk into the salon.

If you’re doing them yourself, you NEED to have someone else attaching them. As much as you think that you can handle it by yourself – you can’t. You can do the job, but you will not do it well, not even when you’re using multiple mirrors to see around your head, it will be a disaster.

When you have someone else to install them, look a videos how the extensions are installed and do 1-2 practice installations. It’s not as difficult as you may think, especially when you’re desperate to keep the installation on a cheap side.

Buying hair extensions from the salon

Another way to get your hair extensions done is book an appointment at a hair salon that offers hair extension services. Sure, it does cost a good amount but the end result is completely worth it.

The stylists are experts at installing the extensions and matching the right shade of extensions with your hair. At the salon you will also have an option to choose several shades for better blending purposes with the help of the stylist.

The installation process will take a long time, which is why booking an appointment in advance is absolutely crucial. You should consider with about 4-6 hours, depending how many stylists will be working on you at the time and what kind of extensions you’re having installed.

The best part about having the help of a stylist is that the blending will be simple. They will cut your hair to hide the extensions completely, even when the hair moves around. When you’re installing them yourself you won’t have this luxury, and will have to make an appointment at the hairstylist to have the extensions blended in.

Freelance hair extension stylists

Another option is to use a freelance hairstylist. They’re hairstylists who are trained or doing it as a hobby, but without being associated with a hair salon. The only bad thing about freelance hairstylists is that some of them are not as good as others, and you could end up regretting the service. It’s always a good thing to ask the stylists to show their previous jobs and ask around what people say about their work.

I hope this brief article helps you make a decision where do you want your extensions installed – both sides have their pros and cons!

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