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Flip in hair extensions – are they worth it?

When you’ve worn hair extensions for a while, you should be very well aware of the strain they can put on your hair in long term. Hair falling out, tangling, matting – that’s just a small fraction of damage that hair extensions can afflict to your own hair. Semi-permanent hair extensions can also force you to go get “touch ups”, to trim, maintain and/or add new extensions onto your hair, which will needless to say be heavy on your wallet.

Do hair extensions damage your hair?

Some of the hair bonds are bound to slip off over time, sometimes catching your own hair with them on the way. This will result with damaged, uneven, tired-looking natural hair once the extensions are taken out. When you see yourself like that in the mirror, you’ll want new hair extensions to cover up the damage that has been afflicted onto your natural hair, and that leads you into a  vicious cycle of hair extension damage. When you’ve got thin hair, even clip in hair extensions will stand out because you’ll have so little hair to cover them up with. So is there anything else that you can use to add volume and length onto your own hair? Yes, there sure is.

As a recovering hair extension addict, I’ve been searching for hair extensions that won’t take as big of a toll on my hair as hot fusion and micro loop hair did. One of the few less-damaging hair extensions out there are flip in hair extensions, but real human flip in hair do come with a crispy price tag. They’re called with quite a few names, such as Halo hair extensions, Secret hair extensions, etc. While it’s all the same type of hair extension, it just has different ways to call it.

What are flip in hair extensions?

Flip in hair extensions are like a thin strand made into a headband, with about 3-4 wefts of hair attached to it. You put it around your head like a hat, and blend your own hair with it, which only takes 2-3 minutes to finish. The band is transparent and barely noticeable in your hair, not to mention the durability of it. It won’t break easily.

Buying flip in hair extensions

Real human hair flip in hair extensions can vary price wise, starting from $100 and going up from there. Synthetic flip in hair extensions cost lot less money compared to real human hair, it’s generally is very low priced. The extremely cheap ones can fall under 5 dollar price wise, but that way you shouldn’t expect much quality wise as well. Styling that kind of hair could result with the hair completely melting, as it could be the type of synthetic hair that doesn’t handle heat that well.

The best way to see if it’s worth the purchase is to read reviews, and if there’s no reviews – skip the seller and move on to another one.

Just don’t buy semi-permanent synthetic hair extensions, such as micro link or keratin bond hair extensions. By the end of each day I can assure you that you’ll want them out of your hair, and synthetic hair just can’t handle that kind of usage.

Does wearing flip in hair extension damage your hair

Flip in hair extensions won’t hang onto strands of hair and pull them out overtime, like micro link hair extensions do, or then pre-bonded hair extensions. On some cases even clip in hair extensions can prove to be too heavy on your hair and end up ripping some of your own hair out, when they get stuck on the clips.

How to put on flip in hair extensions

Here’s a simple guide how to put flip in hair onto your own hair. There’s quite a few different methods of putting the flip in extensions on, but this is the way I find it the easiest for myself.

First step: Tie the top part of your own hair up, creating a small parting where your extensions will sit.

Second step: Put on the flip in hair extensions exactly where you created the parting.

Third step: Untie the hair on the top of your hair and let them fall down again.

Fourth step: Brush trough the hair, making sure there’s no extra bumps in the hair. All that’s left is blending!


Blending flip in hair extensions

One of the questions in your mind right now is most likely „how is that going to make my hair longer without looking fake?“ It was my own first fright about flip in hair extensions, but it will surprise you how well they blend with your own hair. The top and bottom part of your own hair will blend without a struggle, and also give the extensions a bit of a layered look. If you have shoulder length hair, you might run into trouble when the flip in hair extensions are significantly longer than your own hair.

As an example imagine wearing 22 in hair extensions, while your own hair are just 10 in long. A 12 in hair length difference is noticeable from far away, unless you’ve been careful with blending them. This is why I’d recommend you to start with medium length hair, when your own hair isn’t that long. Try out for 16-18 in flip in hair extensions, it will look so much more natural.

So there you go, while real hair beats synthetic hair any time of the day, you might still want to consider getting them. They won’t cost your a fortune, and all of us would love to have shiny, long, healthy hair for a day. Just make sure that they can take a little bit of heat so you can still change the style of them as you want.

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