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Fall hair colours

Ready for fall, are we? Have you thought about what are the most stylish hair colours for this fall or fall in general? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Fall does last just for three months, but then again – it’s been getting longer each year!

Fall hair colours – Dark Red Hair

When you think of fall, one of the first things to pop in your mind is most likely fallen leaves that are made up with several shades of red, yellow and green. While green isn’t the best option to go for, you can always make the most of the red, and still look absolutely elegant and stylish.

And make sure it’s just not any shade of red, but dark, deep red that captures the darkness of the fall, but also redness of the fallen leaves and the atmosphere.

The best cut to go for is short hair, because autumn is one of the most windiest seasons there is, leaving your hair a complete mess when they’re long. Or if you don’t want to go for a bobcut, you can just braid your hair in two pigtails, and pin them up to form an elegant, ready-for-a-dinner-party hairstyle.

dark-red-shade-hair dark-red-fall-hair-colours fall-hair-colours-dark

Rose gold hair shade

Why keep it all natural? Fall is a dark season, that gives you a chance to light the room up! A rosegold hair shade is exactly what you need to stand out from the masses and be YOU. It’s a hard-to-achieve tone, which means you need professional help to get your hair the tone you want, but in the end – it’s all worth it.

rosegold-hair  rose-gold-hair  rosegold-hair-shade

Dark red to blonde ombres

As previously mentioned, dark red is IN this season. But what if you don’t have enough hair to pull off the dark red to blonde look? Yes, you guessed it, hair extensions! Best way to look stunning is to just put in your clip ins that match your hair, suddenly giving your hair more length and volume.

But be sure to make the extensions match the shade of your own hair, so it goes smoothly over from one color to another. By doing that you’ll make your hair extensions blend it perfectly, without leaving a trace that there’s anything but natural hair.

dark-red-ombre red-to-blonde-ombre

Fall hair care

fall-hair-colours-care While you’re on a hunt for the best hair colours to wear troughout the fall, don’t forget to take good care of your hair in the meanwhile! Here’s one of the current best sellers – a duo pack of shampoo and contitioner, to soften and protect your hair for the cold and harsh fall.

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