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Tips for getting curly hair extensions

If you’re thinking about getting curly hair extensions, this is a great way to change up your look and achieve more versatility with your style. These extensions are ideal if your hair is naturally straight or thin. The curly hair extensions will immediately make your hair look thicker and can even give you a more youthful yet elegant appearance. Before you get your extensions, here are a few things to be aware of to keep your hair looking its best.

Preparing hair for curly hair extensions

Your natural hair should be shampooed and dried thoroughly before installing the extensions. If you try to apply extensions to hair that is wet or damp, this can weaken your hair and cause it to break.

Conditioning curly hair extensions

Curly hair needs a lot of moisture, so if you want your natural hair to blend in well with the curly hair extensions, use a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair. This keeps your tresses from getting too frizzy and gives the appearance of a healthy head of hair.

Curly hair extensions curl pattern

When it comes to curly hair extensions, naturally curly Indian hair is most likely your best choice. That’s because Indian hair has straight and curly texture. If you have naturally coarse hair that has been relaxed, Indian curly hair extensions that feature tight or medium-tight curls are best. With this hair, you can can match your hair with the extensions that most closely match your wave or curl patterns. Remember, you want your final style to look as natural as possible.

Make sure that you choose curly hair extensions that can be blow-dried and straightened as well. There will be days when you want your hair extremely curly, and other days when you’d prefer to have a loose wave pattern. Even if you want to blow-dry the extensions straight, curly hair will give you more body and bounce for your straight style.

Getting curly hair extensions

Make sure that you get your extensions done by a professional, especially if this is your first time getting curly hair extensions. Depending on the length of your natural hair and the strength of your tresses, you’ll need to work with your stylist to come up with the installation that is just right for you. If you have thin hair, cornrowing your hair and having the extensions sewn into the cornrows may be best. If you have thicker hair, attaching the extensions with double-sided tape could work well for you.

Curly hair extensions aftercare

Even after you get your curly hair extensions installed, you’ll need to schedule maintenance appointments so your style will stay intact. Every two weeks or so, you should have your extensions (and your natural hair) washed and conditioned.

You may also need to get the extensions trimmed every now and then to change up your style and keep the extensions looking healthy. Be sure to choose high-quality hair extensions, so you can heat-style and blow dry the hair without worrying about the extensions falling out.

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