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Can hair extensions become addictive?

Within the last few years hair extensions have become an everyday thing among women of all ages. While some of us limit our choices down to clip in hair extensions, then the rest of us try out semi-permanent hair extensions as well.

Clip in hair extensions

As silly as it might seem, this is very possible. When you’ve had short or thin hair, and have hair extensions put in for the first time, then the feeling of seeing your new reflection in the mirror is overwhelming.

With clip in hair extensions you might not becomes as „needy“ as with semi-permanent hair extensions. You can take the hair extensions out any time you wish, and put them back in whenever you feel like it. You can trim them on your own if you’re brave enough, or dye them however you wish.

When you got all of those options, you don’t really feel as if you constantly need more hair to improve your looks.

Semi permanent hair extensions

Having installed hair extensions such as micro loops, hot fusion keratin extensions or even tape hair extensions, you’re taking a longer commitment period. This can become the „vicious cycle of hair extensions“, because of what becomes of your natural hair.

When you first have them put in, your own hair will look normal and healthy. But the bonds of the extensions – micro loops, keratin glue bonds or tape – will begin to slowly slip out of your hair. This is normal, but you should only have 1-3 strands slipping out per week. More than that is either a bad attaching job or you’ve applied oil, conditioner or perhaps hair masks onto the hair bonds which made them become loose and slip off.

The biggest problem appears when they begin pulling out your own hair. A few strands of your own hair might not seem much, but multiply them by 20 and you’ll  get a sum that will make you concerned. When your hair extensions are taken out, your natural hair will look like there’s been a war on your scalp, leaving the hair thinner than they were before having the hair extensions put in.

This will make  you consider getting new hair extensions put in, causing more damage in a long term. This is why we call it the „vicious cycle of hair extensions“. Hair is relatively slow to recover from these things, they do take the „trauma“ of hair extensions very seriously. Due to the slow growth, you will struggle a lot to let your hair grow out naturally as they were before.

Tape hair extensions

Taking out tape hair extensions can pull out massive amounts of your own hair.

Tape extensions are very easy to apply, you can even do it by yourself if you have faith in your applying skills. To get tape hair extensions out of your hair, you have to have an acetone rich solution to apply onto the glue, which makes it loosen up.

Some like to use nail polish remover, others use a specific solution meant for tape hair extensions. When you’re removing them on your own, you could end up pulling out a lot of your own hair and traumatize your scalp. This is why you need to be VERY patient, slow and gentle with the whole process.

This is why it’s important to notice when it’s the right time to stop. You don’t need to stop completely, but just give your hair a break every time you have your hair extensions taken out. It’s a very heavy experience for both your scalp and your hair. The hardest step to take is to acknowledge that your hair need a break, and accepting to have short hair for a longer time.

When you decide to go trough with this and wait it out, you might be surprised how you will feel about having hair extensions again.

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