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Luxy Hair Extension Reviews

Luxy Hair extensions reviews

Here you can read Luxy hair extension reviews. We’re buying them in different tones, lengths and thickness, to try them out and tell you what we found.

The most common things we test are shedding, tone match, thickness of the hair, and how well you can style the hair. Keep checking back with us every week, as we add new Luxy hair extension reviews as frequently as possible.

What is Luxy Hair?

Luxy Hair extension business was created by Mimi Ikonn and Leyla Naghizada, and is located in Toronto, Canada. The company is famous for selling reasonably priced clip in hair extensions that are thick from the top to the bottom.

What kind of hair extensions does Luxy sell?

Luxy Hair makes only clip in hair extensions that are priced depending on their weight. You can buy them as a 120 g, 160 g or 220 g weft sets. Generally the hair are all 20 inches long, but the amount of wefts varies by how many grams of hair do you wish to purchase.

The Luxy hair extensions are made of real human hair, which means you can dye and cut them just like you would with your own hair. They are made of high quality Remy hair.

As an example, a 120 g set of hair extensions would come with 9 wefts of hair, while a 220 g set of hair extensions contains 10 wefts of hair.

What tone of hair does Luxy sell?

When you’re looking for a specific tone of hair, then Luxy hair extensions would be a good place to check. The hair that Luxy makes are made in several different tones, which also includes certain ombre hair colors.

Blending Luxy hair

Due to the thickness of Luxy hair they will blend with your own hair without a struggle, giving you a quick makeover within a matter of minutes. All you need to do is attach the clips, brush them gently, and you’re ready to head out.

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