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Foxy Locks Hair Extension Reviews

Foxy Locks hair extensions are one of the best clip in extensions out there, they come with a reasonable price and give you satisfying results when attached onto your hair. Here’s our Foxy Locks hair extension reviews.

What is Foxy Locks?

It was¬†Imogen Holly Crow who started a hair extension company called Foxy Locks in 2009. The company’s office is based in Penzance, United Kingdom. Foxy Locks makes clip in hair extensions that are popular due to being thicker than normal hair extensions are. They’re very easy to attach, style and remove as you please.

Foxy Locks hair extensions are made of real human hair and they’re also Remy.

What kind of hair extensions does Foxy Locks sell?

Foxy Locks sells hair extensions that come in different lengths, amount of wefts, weights and tones. The weight of Foxy Locks hair extensions ranges from 125 g, 165 g, 230 g to 280 g of hair. They also offer volumizer extension sets, which is a one-piece set with 4 clips that has been made of three wefts of hair.

The length of Foxy Locks hair extensions can reach from 18 inches (45 cm) to 24 inches (60.9 cm), giving you a wide variety to choose from. The length of the set also changes the weight of the hair, meaning that longer hair extension sets will weight more.

Foxy Locks also offers coupon codes, which you can find either on Imogen’s social media accounts or Foxy Locks’ own webpage. The coupon codes can give you discount on your purchase, or then add a free gift onto your order. They also have wonderful sales every now and then, when you can purchase the hair for a cheaper price.

Foxy Locks shipping

While Foxy Locks is based in the UK, they do ship their products worldwide. The cost of the delivery depends on where you’re ordering them from.

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