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Dirty Looks Hair Extensions

Dirty Looks, formerly known as HeadKandy, is an amazing hair extension company that focuses mainly on clip in hair extensions. The sets that they offer different from each other length and volume wise, meaning that you have a wide variety to choose from. Here’s our Dirty Looks hair extension reviews.

What is Dirty Looks hair extensions?

Not long ago Dirty Looks had a name change, their previous name was HeadKandy. Their office is registered in Cardiff, Unite Kingdom. Their website offers services all around the world, from the USA to Australia. Dirty Looks also ships their products worldwide.

Dirty Looks Ombre hair extensions

Dirty Looks offers several different kind of hair extensions, as well as products for hair care and beauty products. Dirty Looks Ombre hair extensions can be purchased in different tones, as well as you can purchase your own pastel Ombre kit.

The pastel Ombre kit is meant for you to dye your own hair extensions just as you wish to and you can choose between Crazy Colours dye or Manic Panic dye. The set does cost a bit more, but at the same time you will be receiving a set of high quality clip in hair extensions next to the kit.

Thickness of Dirty Looks hair extensions

Another reason why Dirty Looks is popular is the thickness they offer with their clip in hair extensions. You can choose between single, triple or quad wefted hair extensions. Triple wefted hair extensions mean that one clip in weft is made of three wefts of hair, making the hair appear much more thicker than normally. Quad-wefted hair on the other hand means that one weft of clip in hair is made of four wefts of hair, giving it more volume than single wefted hair.

Dirty Looks also offers highlight clip in sets, hair pieces such as ponytail hair extensions, layering wefts to add more volume to your hair, and classical clip in hair extension set.

You can pick the shade you like once you have selected the weft thickness. Once you’ve selected the shade that you like, you can select the length of the hair. The length of Dirty Looks hair extensions ranges between 12 inches to 26 inches.

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