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Cheap Hair Extensions

We’ve reviewed hair extensions from online stores that sell cheap hair extensions, and made reviews about them. From synthetic hair to “real” human hair, we’ll get to the truth and tell you all about it.

Where are the cheap hair extensions from?

The hair extensions that will rank in our “cheap hair extensions” category will be bought from any online store that doesn’t have a legitimate brand.

We haven’t set out to label them as “bad” hair extensions, not at all. The best part about cheap hair extensions is that you can occasionally get a decent set that will serve you long, while looking natural and beautiful.

What kind of cheap hair extensions will be reviewed?

This category will speak about both real human hair extensions and also synthetic hair extensions. There’s synthetic hair extensions that could easily pass as human hair by the looks of them, but our goal is to test them and see how much you can get away with.

We will mainly focus on clip in hair extensions, but the goal is also to introduce the ponytail hair extensions sets, and eventually bring in keratin bond (glue in) hair extensions and micro loop hair reviews.

Price of cheap hair extensions

The price range of our cheap hair extensions reviews will fall under $40-$50. We will purchase them, evaluate the ordering, shipping speed and also if the price that they’re sold for is worth the buy.

We understand that not everyone can afford $150 clip in hair extension sets that are branded as the highest quality on the market, which is why the decision was made to open up “cheap hair extension reviews”. By doing that we’re going to narrow down the choice of what kind of hair extensions should you buy – and which ones aren’t really worth the purchase.

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