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What is OMBRE hair

What is OMBRE hair? It’s a coloring effect for your hair, which leaves the bottom part of the hair lighter colored and top half darker. To do this, you could turn to your hair stylist, or purchase a special ”ombre” hair dye box from the local mall (or the internet). The most important part that a lot of people forget to do is to FADE the colors, because otherwise it leaves a straight light line in your hair, and boy does it look odd.


You can also purchase ombre hair extensions and wear them for the occasion. Not to mention, you can dye your own hair extensions in the ombre style. We’ve listed the steps to help you color your own hair, or your hair extensions.
Here’s some examples of beautiful, different ombre hairstyles on both long and short hair:


1. Measure out where you want your ombre highlights to start

It’s good to measure out where you want them to start, because doing this half way through the dying would end up with visibly uneven dye job. You can tie the hair together with a  hairband starting from where you want the ombre highlights to start.

2. Don’t wash your hair 1-2 days prior to the dying

By not washing your hair, you’d give your hair an advantage before dying. The bleach that you’d apply to the tips can dry the hair out quite badly, and by not dying you’d be covering the hair with natural body grease, which is 100% healthy to have. It does look dirty and bad, but you won’t regret it after dying!

3. Section your hair into equal parts

Section your hair by layers and use hairbands or clips to separate them. This makes it easier for you to dye every section, and to make sure that the bleach gets to every strand.

4. (Optional) Dye the top part of your hair 1-2 tones darker than your current hair tone is

The reason why this is suggested is that it makes the hair appear in 3 colors: the roots are dark, the middle is normal tone, and finally the ends of your hair would appear light. If your hair happens to be naturally dark, then this step isn’t necessary.

5. Prepare the foil

Cut the foil into small 6 in x 4 in(15 cm x 10 cm) pieces, and lay a bit of the bleach mixture on them, ready for your hair. Doing this saves you time later on, you don’t want to be cutting foil while your have your dye already in the hair.

6. Apply the dye

Apply the bleach mixture onto the area you picked out to dye. Once done, wrap the foil that you prepared before around the tips of the hair. You might look a bit like an alien, but it does work.

Don’t forget to use your fingers to massage the dye up from the part that you have dyed. Doing this ensures a good fading of the dye, and it doesn’t need to be perfect. Just rub it upwards about 1-2 inches max. The whole idea of the ombre is that it looks relatively natural, bleached by sunlight (but in secret you’ve dyed them).

7. Let the time do it’s work

Let the dye take effect as long as the product says, which is usually between 15-40 minutes. Leaving it on longer than recommended could cause unnecessary drying of the hair, and damage as well.

8. Wash your hair!

Rinse your hair with cold or cool water – cool water keeps the color from fading. If you can, use a sulfate-free shampoo because dying your hair with bleach dries your hair out badly. Don’t forget to use a good conditioner or a moisturizing mask.

9. Dry your hair and style them

Let your hair dry naturally if you can, or apply heat resistant serum on the hair and blow dry them. If you wish to dye your hair in a vibrant tone (blue, green, red, etc) then it’s recommended to bleach your hair before that, wash the dye out, dry the hair and then apply the vibrant tone onto the bleached area.

For aftercare, we’d suggest using coconut oil, or argan oil on the hair. Bleach can have a devastating effect on the hair, making them look like hay, and drying them out. Try to use products on them that keeps the moisture locked in the hair, focusing on the bleached parts especially.

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