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Thermal color changing hair dye

If unicorns existed, their manes would probably look just like the hair treated with this dye. It is enough to breathe some warm air onto the hair to change the color – not a shade or two, but completely. Who needs one hair color if you can have more than one, depending on what environment you’re in?

Dye  that changes color depending on the temperature is rather new on the market. Pravana Vivids Mood color is the one that came out with such an innovative idea. Could this be the beginning of a new trend in hairdressing?

The temperature at which the dye changes colors depends on the product that is used. For example, the blue tint turns into white at a temperature of as much as 15 degrees Celsius, while black turning into the red is activated only at 31 degrees. The color of hair colored with the product of Pravana Vivids Mood color does not depend solely on external conditions – they are also affected by skin temperature change as well.

The effect of the dye developed by Pravana is not permanent, but the company is also working on the development of its permanent version. You can purchase the Pravana Vivids Mood color dye from their website, which also gives you a discount code if you check out some of their advertisements and promotions. Right now the main website that sells the Pravana Vivids Mood hair dyes ships only inside the US, but hopefully they’ll expand their rates outside the US as well.

In the meanwhile, you can also look up alternative hair dyes that also have the same thermal color changing effect. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love to have hair that changes colors when going from a room temperature to outdoors temperature? We only got our hands on the Pravana Vivids hairdyes, but you can also look up The Unseen hair dyes that change color by temperature.


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