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 How to treat a sunburned scalp

When we think of summer, we think of hot weather, unless you live so far up in north, that it never really gets that warm. But what if it gets too warm, and you forget sunscreen for a day? Having an aching, sunburnt scalp can’t be nice. It might also damage your hairgrowth, if the damage is inflicted repetitively.

Sunburnt scalp

One of the easiest things to do by accident is burn your scalp during a relaxing beach visit. For long hair, the parting is the weak point. For those that have a haircut that has half or one side of the head shaved clear of hair – you’re in more of a danger. Needless to say one of the ways to avoid this is to apply sunscreen at those weak areas, where your skin is exposed the most. Your hair will look a little bit greasy, but perhaps its not that high of a price to pay for not having your scalp ache for three days?

But what should you do when you do happen to have a sunburnt scalp? Any soothing, moisturizing and not heavy cream would help. Try to avoid any contact with hot or warm water, as it will hurt the burnt skin. The first day is the worst, but on the following day it will get better. Wearing a hat or putting a piece of clothing over your head isnt a bad idea, if you decide to go outside the next day.

Best treatments for sunburnt scalp

  • You should try rinsing your hair and scalp with green tea, which has cooled down. It helps the skin to relax.
  • DO NOT use any hair styling tools for a day or two. Especially near your roots, as it will inflict really bad pain to your scalp.
  • If your scalp is burnt to the point where the skin starts peeling off, then avoid scratching or picking on the skin at all cost. Doing that will increase the chances of your skin becoming inflamed, and causing even more pain, discomfort and problems for weeks to come.

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