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Should you cut your own hair?

You can ofcourse answer this with just one word based on your own opinion, but before you do that you should consider the other aspects of cutting your own hair.

Here we’ll be discussing some of the issues that can be cause by cutting your own hair, and if its worth doing it.

Length difference

The most difficult thing to get right is the length difference of the hair when you cut your own hair. In the front sections of your hair you will probably get them cut just as you planned, but with the back of the head you will run into some trouble.

You can’t exactly see how short or long the trimming will turn out to be, even when you’re using several mirrors to see all around your head.

Despite what kind of hair texture or style you have, your hair is made up by layers – some strands being longer than others. And in order to boost your hair growth most of those hair need to get a regular trim every month or so – about quarter of an inch being cut off.

If you fail to do this every time you trim your hair then the growth of the hair will be different as well.

How to trim your hair by yourself

So is there any better ways to do trim your hair alone? What you can try is to wash your hair and have them towel tried, the gently brush them out and get a pair of sharp scissors. Section your hair into VERY thin layers, and work with them one by one.

This will take a long time, but the end result is really worth it. All of the hair will be trimmed more equally.

Another thing you should take a second look at is the ends of your hair, once you’ve finished cutting them. The ends tend to turn out in a flat line, which means you need to soften them out.

Take your sharp scissors and the section of hair, and feather the ends of the hair. You can also read more about feathering hair on our article “how to cut your hair” here on Hair-Bun.

Can you layer your own hair?

You can layer your hair on your own when you’re equipped with a properly sharp pair of scissors. Using dull scissors to do the job will make it near impossible, and also leaves your hair looking as if someone took a bite out of it.

If you want a layered look then you should comb one section of hair up on top of your head, and try cut the ends on an even level.

Take another section around that section, comb it up into the previous section and trim them just as long as you did before. Keep repeating that all around your head, you will be surprised how well your hair will be layered.

The issue with this is that it’s best for shorter hair, because your hands might just not reach the ends of long hair.

For longer hair what you can try is brush the hair trough really well and make a ponytail right above your forehead. It will look funny, but when the hair is in that position you can trim the ends and still have a lovely layered look.

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