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When’s the right time to cut hair?

If it comes to healthy hair, it’s clear that getting regular hair trimmings or cuts is the right way to go. But some of us tend to let the „trimming“ drag out long, having their hair cut every 1 or 2 years instead. But how long should you be without a haircut before the frizz gets out of hand?

Getting a hair trim

If your goal is to grow your hair out and as long as possible, then having a trim every 3-6 months is the right way for you. Of course you need to take in conisderation your hair growth speed, as it’s proven that some peolpe have their hair grow genetically much faster, while the rest of us are stuck with a slow hair growth.

Getting a hair trim more frequently might end up shortening your hair on a regular basis, therefore doing the exact opposite of what your actual goal was – growing your hair out.

Less heat, less styling

To avoid having to get the ends of your hair trimmed, make sure you won’t use exessive heat or exessive products on your hair. Using too much heat will fry your hair, and of course dyeing your hair is not recommended either. Dyeing alters the texture of your hair and could possibly affect the follicule of your hair, slowing down the growth and frying the hair at the ends.

Getting a hair cut

The longest we would recommend you going without having your hair cut is about a year. Anything more than that will be very hard to manage and could cost you even more hair being cut off the next time you see your hairstylist. You can of course use a flat iron and iron those split ends down for a few hours or a day, and go out like that. But the reality is that no amount of coconut oil or maroccan oil will repair that damage. Getting regular cuts based on your own need is the best, whether it’s 3 months or 12 months.

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