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How to perm hair

Are you planning to get a perm, or just interested about how to perm hair? Perming hair is a permanent wave or curl to your hair, achieved trough a chemical treatment. The perming comes in two parts: your hair would be wrapped into a shape around a rod, followed by a chemical bathing, and reforming the bonds of your hair.

You can do this at a salon with a stylist, or you can choose to do it at home by yourself.

Before having your hair permed

Permed hair can last up to half a year, and the hair that will be growing out within that time frame would be with your normal hair texture. You have to be really sure that you want this hairstyle for a longer period of time. To test this out, use curling wands or hair rollers to curl your hair for a week, to get used to the look and hairstyle.

Preparing hair for perming

The condition of your hair matters a great deal. If you’ve dyed them recently or have had some other certain procedures performed, you should not get your hair permed. It breaks your hair so badly, that you could start having bald patches.  If you do have damaged hair, or have recently dyed them, then go to a hair salon and consult with a professional. They wouldn’t do anything to your hair that would further damage them, so it’s wise to ask before you do.

Trimming your hair before perming

Needless to say, permed hair are very hard to cut, so get that little step done before you have your hair permed. Please keep in mind that short hair and perms would look very fluffy, so if you decide to grow the hair out a bit – that’s fine. With your bangs, there’s some important questions to ask yourself – do you want your bangs permed, or leave them straight?

Where do you want your perms to be done?

You can have your perms done at home, and also at the salon.  Doing it at home is on the less expensive side, but doing it at a salon means it’s done by a professional stylist who’s done this before.

Are perms bad for your hair?

No, having perms is not bad for your hair. But there is a chance of having your hair over-processes by accident, which could be bad for your hair. Here’s a few points you should consider:

  • Doing your perm by yourself, you might accidentally over-process your hair.
  • Damaged hair reaction to perm may vary. If you’ve dyed your hair recently, then it’s recommended for you to got to a salon to have the perm done without causing extra damage.
  • Depending on your hairstyle, you should go to a stylist. As an example, if your hair is already wavy or has a life on it’s own, the hair stylist could give you the exact desired look. Doing the perm on your own can result with intermitted curls and a bit of a mess.
  • When your hair are healthy, there’s nothing wrong with doing your own perm at home, especially when you’ve done a good amount of research and know what you’re doing.

Types of perms for long hair

There’s quite a few different types of perms that you can pursue. As an example you could get smaller, tight curls, or then have bigger, bouncy curls. Before you have them done, it’s good to try imagine yourself with the desired hair. You can even look up photos over search engines and go for the looks that you found. When your hair is first permed, the curls look a whole lot tighter than you actually planned, but they fade a bit as the time goes on.

How to take care of permed hair

Doing the perms can take approximately from 2 hours to 4 hours. After that it’s important for you to let them set for a day. That means you can’t wash your hair, nor style them. If you want to have the perfect permed hair, it’s suggested that you don’t do anything with them for 48 hours.

Can you straighten permed hair?

Yes you can, although it would cause some unnecessary damage to your hair. Best way to straighten your hair is to wash and condition them like you normally would, followed by blow drying and then using a flat iron to finish the look.

Straightening your hair with a flat iron only changes your hair temporarily, after the first shower (or rain) your curls will start showing just like before the straightening.

Perming and styling your hair is bound to turn your hair dry, and the best natural way to restore moisture into your hair is to use the coconut oil treatment on them.

How to perm your hair at home

Buy a DIY perm kit for home treatment

Read the instructions – if you have someone else doing your hair for you, it’s important for you both to read trough what you’re about to do. Guessing the steps isn’t the best option.

Comb out all tangles and make sure your hair is well brushed

Wash your hair before you start – Once done, don’t wrap your hair in a towel. It adds to the friction and messes the hair up for perming.

Wear gloves – the chemicals in perming solutions aren’t meant for skin contact.

Use Vaseline to cover your neckline and forehead – Doing this prevents the chemicals coming in contact with your own skin. Don’t forget to use the Vaseline on your ears!

Use an old t-shirt or towel to cover your shoulders

Section your hair – this makes it easier to do one section at the time with the perming solution

Place the rods according to the style you chose – avoid using concave and spiral rods.

Apply the solution – start with the scalp and gently massage the solution into the hair.

Keep the solution on as the instructions suggest

Rinse the solution out of your hair – make sure that it’s 100% rinsed, a sloppy job won’t do on this case.

Apply a neutralizer to re-form the protein in the hair

Dry your hair carefully with a towel – Make sure you won’t cause any accidental damage to your hair with towel drying them. Don’t use any combs or brushes on your hair, only massage the blot. This is because the hair has to set for 24-48 hours.

How to perm your hair at the salon

Explain to the hair stylist what you want to have done, what style of perms are you going for – whether it’s a thinner curl, or a bigger curl with a bounce to it. Keep in mind that sometimes they refer to bigger curls as a „body wave“.

Come prepared to spend a good amount of time there – it might take up to 4 hours to have your perms done! Bring something to read, a tablet or your phone – something to do as you let the perming solution work it’s magic.

On some cases the smell of the perm solution can become a bit unbearable, if this happens then ask your hairstylist for a wet cloth. You can use it co cover your nose and mouth and breathe trough that, if it irritates your eyes – close them.

Your curls can appear tighter right after the procedure is over, but they will fade a great deal and won’t stay the same tight shape. If this really bothers you, ask your stylist if she could plan a next visit to have the lapses being taken care of.

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