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Olaplex hair treatment

I’m sure quite a few of us are desiring beautiful blonde hair, but refuse to go anywhere near bleach because of a traumatic experience, or maybe then the horror stories that surround bleaching. Well there’s something new that you can discover right here – The Olaplex treatment! You can use Olaplex to bleach hair without damage, or use it on your hair extensions. We’ve put together this article for you, to understand what is Olaplex, how it’s used and how you can benefit from it.

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is the name of a hair industry company that’s located in California, and they’re the creators of the Olaplex hair treatment products as well. The Olaplex hair treatment products are professionally used solutions that are mixed with hair dyes during the dyeing process, in order to reverse and prevent any damage being done to your natural hair.

The Olaplex hair treatment mends your hair when you’ve had your hair bleached, generally damaged by styling, heat or weather. It comes in two options, first one being for colouring purposes, second one for the treatment itself to repair your hair.

It is a revolutionary product, as it’s proven to reconnect any broken bonds within the hair. Due to this, the damage you would normally afflict with bleaching your hair is greatly reduced. It’s chemically silicone free, and has not been tested on animals which makes it guilt-free for everyone.

Who can use Olaplex

Do you remember Kim Kardashian as a blonde? Kim Kardashian used Olaplex to go from a dark brunette to blonde overnight, and her hair looked absolutely stunning. Even Victoria’s Secret models use Olaplex to keep up their beautiful fresh looks, and Emma Stone has also admitted of using Olaplex to transform her hair.

But don’t let this scare you, Olaplex is available for anyone from any age, and any hair texture. Whether you’re a celebrity, a mother of two, or a high school student – you could have your hair treated with Olaplex.

Why is Olaplex so popular?

The Olaplex hair treatment has become the talk of the town all due to the effects it has on your hair once you’ve had it done. You can use bleach, mix it with Olaplex and bleach your hair, the outcome will be blonde, healthy hair without the heavy damage that bleaching puts on your hair.

And it doesn’t just stop there! You can also have your hair treated with Olaplex just to restore the healthiness of your hair. The more mature users of Olaplex have commented that the treatment has restored the vitality and shine to their hair that they had in their twenties.

Where to get Olaplex treatments

While you can get the Olaplex kits from online stores, we do not recommend it doing it by yourself. Go to your local hairstylists and find someone who will offer the service for you. The reason behind this is the chemicals that you’ll be mixing, and not everyone has the years long experience that you’d need when you’re mixing bleach and Olaplex together.

Self-made work can lead to disasters, which is why professional hairstylists get the proper training and practice with how to use Olaplex and how much of the solution does each hair texture require. You don’t want to end up damaging your hair by accident. But if you’re still interested of using the Olaplex treatment by yourself and on yourself, then we recommend you to look up the instruction manual on Olaplex’ homepage. They will explain how to use their products and how should you mix the unit ratios depending on your own hair type.

There’s several mixed reviews out there about the Olaplex hair treatment, but the majority of clients do praise the product. Olaplex seems to act up only with certain hair textures, which are rare to come across.

But the best way to find out is try it out yourself.

Where to buy Olaplex 

You can buy Olaplex from online stores with a higher price, which is completely justified in our opinion here in Hair Bun. It does cost a bit more than you’d expect, but the end result will show you that it’s completely worth every single cent you’ve spent on it.

In general, Hair-Bun staff completely agrees that Olaplex is an incredible lifeline, which everyone should try when given the chance. You will be positively surprised of what it can do, both in short and long term.

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