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Not using a conditioner for 7 days

When you’ve used conditioners for years your hair get used to the treatment. They need the extra moisture being locked in with every shower.

So what actually happens when you stop using all moisturizing treatments such as masks and conditioners? Let’s find out!

Type of hair

The type of hair that were used for this were naturally blonde, somewhat of a curly-wavy mix. About 18 inches in length, and conditioners had been used for years prior to this test.

Here’s the 7-day diary.

Worst hair wash ever (Day 1)

During showering, I used only the shampoo. It was some cheap kind that my partner uses, meant for men. I thought I’d try it out! My hair felt awful, almost like they were 5 times more dirtier than before!

As they dried, they were sticking together a lot and almost stood up on their own. I had to result with tying them in a ponytail so people wouldn’t notice anything strange.

Avoid styling hair (Day 2)

My hair defy gravity as I take off the hair band. I am not washing the hair for the sake of avoiding any excessive damage.

Shampoos for dry hair (Day 3)

This time I went for the extra mile and bought a shampoo that targets dry hair and promised to add moisture. But did it change anything?

It did, but I can’t tell if it was exactly for the better. The stiffness  disappeared, but as my hair was wet and i was running my hair trough it, I noticed that they felt very tangled and hard to brush trough.

This feeling remained even when my hair dried. I let the hair air dry and then flat-ironed them to remove the extreme fluffiness.

Extremely dry, clean hair (Day 4)

No washing nor straightening action today, only a rest day. Kept the hair braided in a Dutch braid as they felt disgustingly stiff.

Washing hair with cold water (Day 5)

I decided to use the same „dry hair“ shampoo and absolutely cold water. This time the outcome was a little bit different. My hair felt clean, but very dry. They were light and took the shampoo much better than previously.

Once they dried out, i straightened them and they looked as if nothing had happened at all.

When I  ran my hand trough my hair it felt very stiff and unpleasant. At this point I’m convinced that they will look clean for just a day, and will need to be either tied up or re-washed the next day. I’m very disappointed in the shampoo.

Did I damage my hair? (Day 6)

Avoided washing my hair. Tied them up so they wouldn’t look as bad as they do when they’re loose. It almost feels like i have cardboard instead of hair: if i brush them upwards, they stay up. I’m actually a bit scared that i have damaged them with this experiment.

Using the conditioner on my hair again (Day 7)

This is it – the day I’ve got my hands on some high quality conditioner that my hair is used to. When I wet my hair in the shower my hair stood up by itself, despite being soaking wet.

I had to shampoo them twice with cold water, followed by a rich amount of conditioner which i left on for 5 minutes. My hair felt silky again, smooth, easy to handle. No „sticky“ cardboard feeling any more, and no anti-gravity behaviour.

Why you should use a conditioner

This experiment has taught me a good lesson on why you should always carry a bottle of conditioner with you when going travelling as an example.

The hair become dry and cry out for extra moisture, especially if they’re used to receiving the moisture in the form of hair masks/conditioners for years.

Be nice to your hair and keep using the conditioner!

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