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Mistakes you make when straightening hair

Who could make mistakes with straightening hair, right? You’d be surprised to know that all of us could very well be guilty with this.

Straightening hair is something that every girl should know how to do, but have you perfected your work? We decided to list the most commonly made mistakes when you’re straightening hair and what should you do to turn that around.

No heat protection

Some people think that it’s not that big of a deal when you don’t use a heat protection spray. Those people tend to get split ends and fried hair as well. It might not seem as a big deal, but in reality it’s vital to apply a heat protection solution on your hair before you flat iron them.

A lot of the serums also help to maintain the sleek look, rather than letting your hair go back in their natural shape within a few hours.

Straightening one spot too long

When you straighten one strand of hair for more than 10-15 seconds then it irons out better, right? Sadly that’s wrong. When you take a section of hair, you should layer it not too thick and not too thin, but just right for it to spread out between the flat ironer without pouring out.

The perfect straightening time for one section of hair is about 2-3 seconds at maximum. It applies enough heat, even if your hair is thick and stubborn, and it doesn’t afflict excessive heat damage.

Flat-ironing wet hair

When there’s stream, there’s trouble – keep this saying in mind. Whether you have a product in your hair or it’s just wet from washing it, NEVER straighten wet nor damp hair. Your hair has to be completely dried out for you to achieve the best, least damaging look.

The only exception for this is heat protection solution, although we would still recommend you to apply it and let it dry out before you start flat-ironing your hair.

Setting the heat level too high

It doesn’t take much to iron out those pesky curls or waves – 200F is more than enough! The worst mistake you can do is set the heat too high and then flat iron one spot for a good 20 seconds in a row. This will fry your hair within 1-3 tries.

Again, a heat protection solution would help with this, but it won’t save you from the impending doom if you decide to go over 200+ degrees.

Excessive flat ironing with bleached hair

Many times when I’m shopping, I’ve noticed girls who have bleached their hair a gorgeous beach blonde shade, and then completely fried the ends. Flat-ironing the hair is only a temporary fix, as soon as the hair gets wet or damp, they will return to their natural pattern.

So what should you do? The keyword is moisturizing and protection. Hair masks, coconut oils, hair oils, conditioners – use them to breathe life into the dead, fried hair. Hair protection solutions will protect them from the heat damage when you do decide to curl, flat iron or blow dry the hair.

When you bleach the roots in the future, avoid bleaching the already blonde parts. When the shade of the already bleached hair looks off, use a silver shampoo to give them an icy blonde look.

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