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Losing hair

As someone who lost a significant amount of hair at the age of 23 (and female), I’ve felt a lot of depression about the whole thing. The photo above is my own scalp during summer 2015. My thinning of hair came from the heavy medication I was put on, and for someone who’s absolutely obsessed with hair – it was difficult to deal with. That is why i have set a goal to reach out for people – both boys and girls – who are dealing with the same problem. You’re not alone.

What causes hair loss?

First thing you need to understand is that everyone’s lives are affected by different factors: food we eat, habits such as drinking and smoking, emotional state, etc. All of these different factors could play a role in why you’re losing hair, here’s a few of the most common issues that could be the issue:

Hair loss due to stress

they say this is the greatest reason for hair loss. From physical stress – a trauma/surgery/pregnancy – to mental stress from work, there’s a wide range that could be affecting it. All you can do, is try to pinpoint your issue and slowly become to deal with it.

Hair loss caused by lack of protein

If you don’t consume enough protein, your body could shut down the production of hair. Hair is made of protein called Keratin, and by eating foods that are low on protein you would be reducing your chances to grow new hair follicles.

Hair loss caused by genes

For some people, it’s hereditary. Whether it shows at age 60, or age 30 – it varies heavily. This however is a case for some, not for all. To confirm this, you’d have to visit a dermatologist and get a professional opinion.

Hair loss caused by over styling

Too much blow drying, curling, straightening or any other form of styling could cause permanent damage to your hair. For that reason, the hair breaks, occasionally in masses. An easy fix for this is to forget to style, put your hair in a small bun and let it breathe for a longer time.

There’s an enormous amount of illnesses, and also medication that can cause hair loss. The best and most confident way to find out what it could be is to talk to a dermatologist – doctor who is an expert at skin.

How much hair loss is normal?

When you brush your hair daily, you’re bound to lose some hair and this is normal. There’s been studies about how much hair is it normal to lose per day, and the results were that an average person can lose up to 60-100 hair strands per day.

When you have longer hair, it will feel as if your hair are shedding much more because the strands are longer. Losing hair varies for everyone, but when you’re starting to see empty space on your scalp, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist to find out what’s causing the hair loss for you.

How to stop hair loss?

There’s of course things you can do to try change this. Either for hair loss, or when your hair grow slowly.

How to prevent hair loss?

  • Sulfate free shampoos
  • Deep moisturizing hair masks
  • Deep moisturizing conditioners
  • Try to stop using hair dyes completely
  • Eat a balanced diet – vitamins and proteins.
  • SLEEP! – I can’t stress this enough, you need 8 hours of good deep sleep to make your scalp feel healthy.
  • Collagen and/or biotin supplements – Collagen raises the body temperature and also helps the blood circulation, which helps your hair start growing again.
  • If you smoke – stop. It’s extremely hard to rid yourself of habits, but within a month, your skin and body will change for better. Within 3 months, you won’t believe your eyes – in a positive way.
  • Rogaine – It’s for sale as an over the counter serum in some countries. Also, the product name might change the name depending on the country, but it’s brilliant. It promotes hair growth really well. For some people it tends to cause allergies, so if it’s possible – consult with your skin doctor before buying this.

There’s also things you can do that are a bit alternative. As an example, if your hair are thinning out badly and you decide to shave them off, you could invest into a wig. Please don’t imagine these older wigs that look horrid, there’s absolutely beautiful wigs out there.

Now-days they sell beautiful wigs with various prices, which suit everyone’s budget. They come in human hair and synthetic hair. Synthetic hair are in other words fake hair, they’re mainly made of fine plastic strings, which include also low grade acrylic. There’s heat-resistant synthetic hair, and also synthetic hair that are just fine with heat.

Human hair wigs aren’t the cheapest ones, but they look gorgeous. You’d need to put more effort into taking care of it the right way, but they last a long time in return.

There’s going to be a whole lot material appearing in the future about this, as it’s a very serious topic and that I’m determined to test out some products and review them for you. Stay strong!

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