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How to make thin hair look thicker

Not all of us have thicker hair yet desperately wish to have them. You can always wear hair extensions, but it’s not the best way to make your hair appear thicker. On some cases wearing hair extensions with thin hair can cause even more thinning out which is clearly the opposite of what you want to happen.

Here are a few tips on how you can make your hair grow thicker without the help of hair extensions. Please remember that growing new hair is a long term project, and to achieve the best results you should follow these tips throughout the process of growing new hair.

Foods for thicker hair

To understand what you need to eat, you must know what hair is made out of – keratin. Keratin is a type of protein that your body produces naturally, but there are also foods that you can eat to make your hair grow thicker.

Here’s a few great ideas that you can try balancing your current menu with.

  • Meat

Types of meat like fish, beef or chicken contain a great amount of protein. This is brilliant for boosting your health and hair growth. To get the most of eating meat you should not fry it, but oven cook it without any added oils or fat.

  • Soy flakes

While some people might not like the taste of soy, you wouldn’t believe how much protein it contains. A 100g of soy flakes contains a remarkable amount of 50 g of protein.

To put this in perspective, a 100 g of lean beef steak contains 29.81g of protein. The same amount of chicken breast contains 29.5 g of protein. While soy flakes are richer calorie wise, it’s a better choice protein wise. Besides that soy is a vegetarian friendly food, and you can make it taste just like minced meat if you like.

  • Adding naturally colorful foods into your diet

What are naturally colorful foods? They’re foods that are colorful, naturally! This means tomatoes, cucumber, dragon fruit and so on. You can’t go wrong with choosing to eat more fruits and vegetables. The best vegetables that you can eat in order to boost your hair growth should contain iron, zinc and biotin.

Some of the iron rich foods are beans, spinach, tofu and kale. Biotin rich foods are bananas, cauliflower, lentils and peanuts.

  • Food supplements

You can also take food supplements to boost hair growth. Food supplements are tiny capsules that you take next to eating real food, and they contain nutrients that help your body to stay healthy.

You can read about food supplements for hair growth and hair loss here on Hair-Bun.

Bad habits and thin hair

While drinking water is the best thing you can do to make your hair grow thicker, then drinking coffee or alcohol is the exact opposite of it. Even smoking tobacco can reduce the thickness of your hair.

Scalp massages

By massaging your hair when you have free time or doing it during washing your hair, you’d get the blood in your scalp moving. This will again help the hair look healthier and become thicker.

Use the tips of your finger and gently massage the top of your head. Be sure not apply too much pressure.

Shampoo and conditioner for thin hair

The absolute keyword for thicker, longer hair is conditioning. It’s important to choose a good shampoo as well but your main focus should be on the conditioner you’re going to be using.

Any hair masks that are deeply moisturising and repairing would do only good.

The Bumble and Bumble thickening shampoo and conditioner

I would recommend these two for anyone who’s struggling with thin hair, they work incredibly well not to mention the aroma. A lot of people who have bought both of the Bumble and Bumble shampoo and the conditioner say that it does work and helps hair become thicker.

The Bumble and Bumble hairspray lifts the hair from the roots and makes it look thicker. It’s suitable for dry, matte, thinning hair, and chemically treated hair. It also helps to soothe down flaky and irritated scalp.



Drying hair

After a shower or a bath you shouldn’t dry your hair roughly, just wrap a towel around them for 2 minutes and leave it until the time’s up. Doing this also prevents your hair from matting and getting frizzy.

Working with the roots of your hair

When you want your hair to look thicker, you can try drying them in a different way. After a wash bend over and make sure that your hair are hanging over your head, then wrap them in a towel and make sure that the hair are standing up inside of the towel.

It looks a bit funny at first, but it does work. You can add even more volume when you’d blow dry the hair by holding the drier lower than your face and letting the roots of the hair stand up until the roots are dry.

Heat damage

Avoid straightening, blow drying and curling your hair with heat. Heat damage makes the hair weaker and look very fried. If you want to curl your hair without heat you can check out the Hair-Bun guide of how to curl your hair without heat.

Trimming the ends of the hair

This is the number one rule for better hair. Getting the ends of your hair trimmed regularly will make them sprout and grow like flowers do during spring.

You don’t need to chop off much in case you’re worried, getting rid of the split ends will already make a difference.

Once again I would like to remind that most of these tips are for a long term result, meaning that it takes a few months for your hair follicles to grow out.

These tips are meant to help you grow healthier hair, and also to make your hair look thicker temporarily. Growing hair out demands a great deal of patience, but in the meanwhile you can look for clip in hair extensions to give your hair a bit of a boost.

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