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How to put on a wig

There’s nothing more fun than put on a wig and looking different for a day, whether you’re putting on a wig yourself or looking up how to put a wig on kids for Halloween.

But if the wig isn’t attached the right way, then the overall look your giving will not look the best. To avoid this, we’ve put together a small guide how to wear a wig the right way.

How to attach a wig

First things first, if you’ve got hair you have to tie them into a very low ponytail. To secure your own hair and the wig in place, I do advice you to use a wig cap. If you don’t have a wig cap then you can make one out of pantiehoes.

This is how the inside of a wig looks like

Take the wig and look for a tag inside the cap of it, that is the back of the wig. Hold onto the both sides of the tag and place the front side of the wig on your eyebrows while you’re bending over, and now pull the wig onto your hair like you normally would with a hat. When you set the front of the wig at your eyebrows before pulling the wig on, you won’t struggle to keep it from slipping.

Use your fingers to tuck any of your own hair that are still left out under the wig.

Pull the front of the wig on the same level as your own hairline is. If you leave it hanging over the hairline too dramatically it will look a bit funny, as if half of your forehead is missing.

On the sides of the wig you should be able to find two ear tabs, make sure that they’re equal on both sides. This helps you to make sure that your wig is on the right way and straight, otherwise you’ll have more hair on one side of your head than the other.

Before you’re done, check once more: that the hairline matches, that the ear tabs are equal on both sides of your head and lastly that your  own hair are not showing.

You can style and brush your wig as you wish. When your wig is still not sitting right, take it off and adjust the elastic bands inside the wig to be tighter, they’re usually located near the back of the wig. Once that’s done, you’re ready to go.

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